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Bring Slack into Unily with plug-and-play integrations and help connect users to content and communications.

Connect your enterprise with Slack

Slack started life as S.L.A.C.K, or a “Searchable Log of All Conversation & Knowledge”, and has since grown into one of the staples of modern work. Over 10 million people use Slack each day to communicate and collaborate with their peers, but this stands at odds with enterprises’ wider digital workplace.

This is why bringing Slack channels into your employee experience platform is so valuable, as these users represent opportunity to improve productivity and engagement by placing Slack features within your intranet for a single pane of glass experience.

Unily’s Slack integrations, available for plug-and-play installation from the Feature Store, streamline access to your Slack channels and place the power of collaboration at the fingertips of employees from the moment they log into your platform.

Share To Slack

With Unily’s deep integration with Slack, your content creators have access to all your comms channels from your intranet. For critical updates or sharing insights, any Unily content can be sent to Slack groups and chats at the click of a button, so you can focus on crafting compelling content instead of getting messages out across your various channels.

With an integrated communications platform, Unily enables internal communicators to take a multi-channel approach to content creation.

Share to Slack

Make your content go further

Your users work across a number of different tools. With the ability to share stories directly to Slack channels, you can make content reach further and engage your audiences with important messages they won't want to miss.

Sharing from the front-end means that your users can share content to Slack as well, not just your comms managers. Users can share content with an optional custom message to specific groups, departments, teams, and chats within Slack, even tagging specific users so messages aren't missed, so there’s no limit to who you can reach.

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