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Digitalization promises to change the face of the education industry. With next-generation technology, your classrooms and lecture halls are no longer held back by physical barriers. Instead, the exchange of knowledge and information can flow freely from teachers to students across the globe. Give your organization the infrastructure it needs to thrive in this next chapter with an intranet platform from Unily.

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Effective communication channels

With educational organizations working on different timetables, being able to effectively communicate across campus with faculty and student is essential. Remove the reliance on email with a platform that offers multiple communication channels, so you can reach and engage your internal customers with communications that inform, engage and inspire. Send alerts via push notifications, send email broadcasts, create news stories, and share updates on social channels all from one place.


Create campus-wide engagement

Your teachers, professors, and lecturers are at the heart of your organization but are often scattered across different campuses and locations, particularly in the age of remote learning. Fuel engagement between your faculty and your students with a mobile platform that gives them access to the tools and resources they need to teach and learn effectively. Turn to your intranet for its user profile directory to award badges to subject matter experts within your organization and use consumer-grade search functionality to ensure knowledge remains at every user’s fingertips.

Mobile platform

Consolidate into a centralized environment

With many educational institutions operating as multiple buildings with their own agendas and goals, it can create a fragmented environment. Incorporate everything into one, centralized experience platform for all documents, data, and applications to sit within and be easily managed. Having the ability to post news, share periodicals, exchange information, and publish social updates in an interactive and shared space makes collaboration and engagement easy for everyone – whether you’re on campus or off.


Build a digital community

Education doesn’t just end once you graduate. Strengthening your alumni network is a hugely valuable way to showcase your brand and to increase application rates. Having a digital community where alumni can still connect ensures they are still in the picture and are continually getting support and information to succeed. The digital workspace is also a great place for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to build and strengthen your brand culture through promoting a diverse, inclusive workspace aligned with your missions and values.

Digital community

Unlock your entire knowledge base

Knowledge is the lifeblood of the education industry. Your employees have amassed plenty of specialist expertise, but are you taking full advantage of it? Leverage your intranet for powerful search functionality, seamless integrations, and quick document surfacing, all helping to enhance knowledge management across your educational institution.


Education Intranet FAQs

What is an education intranet?

An education intranet is an intranet that can be used by schools and universities as a space for resource sharing, networking, and more. It serves as a digital workplace for schools - a centralized online platform where teachers, students, and staff can collaborate, communicate, and access essential learning materials.

An intranet for education may offer document sharing, virtual classrooms, discussion forums, messaging, and personalized learning tools. It may also help streamline administrative tasks, enhance communication, and promote efficient knowledge sharing within the educational institution.

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What are the benefits of school intranet?

One of the main benefits of school intranet software is that it allows learning and teaching to move from an exclusively physical experience to a more digital one. Students and teachers can connect wherever they are in the world, allowing far more people access to education.

Implementing an intranet for schools can also help: ​​

  • Open up new communication channels, removing reliance on email
  • Award digital badges for subject matter experts, fueling engagement between students
  • Manage documents and data across every department in one intuitively designed and easily searchable platform
  • Build an online community for alumni to remain connected to their school
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What is a university or college intranet?

An intranet for universities and colleges is a form of internal communications software. It can be utilized by universities or colleges to benefit both students and faculty. It may act as a central hub of information, allowing students to find out about and sign up for clubs or societies, access missed lecture slides (uploaded by their professors), or serve as a platform for students to submit their dissertations.

A central intranet for colleges and universities is a solution capable of increasing networking opportunities, making communications between students and teachers much easier. This improved communication also applies to how it is delivered, whether that be through video capabilities or other internal communication.

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What is intranet learning?

Intranet solutions for education include internet learning - where the software is used by teachers to present learning materials and other documents to students. Intranets are particularly useful for this because they act as a central database for many learning materials and can improve communication between both students and their peers, and students and teachers. An intranet capable of auto-translations can be particularly useful for this, as it means more students are able to access education, regardless of where they live.

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What is the best intranet for schools?

The best intranet for schools is one that is able to enhance the educational experience of teachers and students by offering the following features:

  • Seamless Student Connection: An intranet platform should foster collaboration and community by providing a space with social networking capabilities for students to connect effortlessly.
  • Resourceful Learning Materials: Teachers must be able to easily upload and share learning materials giving students convenient access.
  • Dynamic Virtual Noticeboard: Students should be able to stay informed about classes, events, and deadlines.
  • Streamlined Communication Channels: Real-time messaging and discussion forums backed by auto-translations enable effective interactions between teachers and students, promoting meaningful discussions and collaboration.
  • Personalized Learning Paths: Personalized dashboards, progress tracking, and tailored recommendations empower students throughout their learning journeys.
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What are the advantages of intranet for students?

Students can benefit from school intranet software in several ways. The main advantage is that it gives students the opportunity to access education from anywhere in the world. Intranet software for education, like Unily, takes this a step further by incorporating autotranslation capabilities. This means that teachers can effortlessly provide learning materials to every student, regardless of the language in which they were initially created.

Enhanced communication features can allow students to engage in online discussions, seek clarifications from teachers in real-time, collaborate effectively with peers on group projects, and establish stronger connections within the educational community.

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