Streamline human resources

Tackle employee experience at large with a platform for HR that unites your people, fuels your culture, and supports your teams to be more effective and productive. Streamline onboarding, integrate your HR systems, master compliance, and drive a self-service approach that empowers employees with the tools and information to thrive at work.



Communicating with employees is vital to any HR team, create and push relevant content to the right employees at the right time, allowing you to deliver a truly personalized experience for the user. Advanced targeting ensures that HR communications reach the relevant staff. Your organization can also opt for a social platform which allows public & private opt-in channels. Whether it's teams discussing a project, or all-company recipe sharing, it’s a real opportunity to curate and communicate your corporate culture across the organization, increasing staff motivation.


Unily case study flat pages - 'The Adecco Group fuels digital transformation with a feature-full intranet'

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See how Adecco is changing the face of recruitment with a Unily intranet.

Attract and retain top talent

Attract the best of the best with innovative digital experiences that represent your brand and drive home your culture. An efficient recruitment process is extremely important for both internal and external vacancies. Promote internal mobility with dedicated widgets and keep employees connected with a business vision that unites and inspires. Our streamlined HR intranet platform allows your organization to communicate job vacancies quickly and easily and set up efficient applications forms.

Optimize the onboarding process

Give new hires an onboarding experience that inspires them from the outset and primes them for success. Target experiences that move them through initial phases, collate relevant documentation in one place, trigger workflows that show them what to do next, and keep them connected with access to news, colleagues, and events.

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Unite your HR tech stack

Unily can deliver so much more than just a traditional HR intranet platform; we aim to create a platform at the core of your digital workplace. Integrate with third-party specialty tools to prevent platform switching and enhance the adoption of key systems. Unily is built on a flexible infrastructure, meaning we can quickly develop an out-of-the-box intranet platform tailored to your team’s specific needs and allow you to continue using the same applications your employees are already familiar with, such as Microsoft Office 365, Workday, Expensify and many more. 

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Cultivate a culture of appreciation with native reward and recognition features that put employee achievements front and center. Celebrate your culture with value-aligned recognition that maps to your ethos. Encourage peer-to-peer recognition with kudos and leaderboards that make sure no good deed goes unrecognized.

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Power learning and development

Support employee growth with an agile platform that lets you create learning portals that land. Aggregate training videos, collate key documents, integrate 3rd party portals and utilize quizzes for an intuitive experience that supports upskilling across the enterprise. 

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Unily’s intranet platform provides a central location for storing documents and sharing. An HR intranet needs to be well organized and easy to navigate to be as beneficial as possible to a business. Through Unily's smart search functionality employees can easily find relevant information, such as booking annual leave, submitting expenses claims, or appraisal forms. We also ensure that sensitive data hosted on your platform is protected. You can set up permission restrictions to ensure that only those that should have access to particular documents have access, making sure that any sensitive information remains confidential.

Forms & Feedback at your fingertips

Unily’s platform supports employee feedback and efficient workflows. You can design simple forms, to gather information from employees and track their satisfaction quickly and efficiently. This means any issues raised by staff can be resolved quicker, increasing the motivation of employees and making them feel heard. With workflow automation, work flows from staff members and systems to the cloud and back easily. What were previously time-consuming tasks transform into efficient processes, so your team concentrate on other more important responsibilities.


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