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The manufacturing industry is approaching a new era, underpinned by next-generation technology and shifting consumer priorities. How can your organization thrive in this next chapter? Unily provides employee experience platforms for some of the biggest manufacturing enterprises in the world, uniting dispersed workforces, arming every employee with the resources and tools they need, and helping to present the building blocks for a brighter future.

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Bring your frontline workers together

In manufacturing enterprises, finding ways to reach frontline staff with business messaging and cultural insights can bring about significant engagement results. An easy-to-use mobile intranet platform means no matter where employees are based, or how restricted their access is, there's always a digital HQ in every worker's pocket, bringing people, tools, and knowledge together in one universally accessible space. In what is traditionally an unsocial environment, leverage digital signage and terminals to present information and updates, helping your frontline stay connected to the wider organization.

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Frontline manufacturing

Unlock innovation and fuel collaboration

The manufacturing industry can be tough to encourage collaboration between employees but giving workers the tools to connect and share knowledge effectively helps you drive innovation without borders. Turn your manufacturing intranet portal into a home for idea exchange with features created to enhance innovation. Let employees network on social channels, locate project collaborators with a skill-based directory, and access all their apps in one place with a digital workplace platform.

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Manufacturing communications

Keep your teams in the know

The manufacturing industry is constantly innovating. Make sure your teams stay in the know and can do their best work by integrating your business systems and surfacing key data in a central employee experience platform. Create a single source of truth that ensures everyone can get up to speed and share knowledge easily with powerful search functionality and document sharing.

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Manufacturing automation

Create a culture that keeps employees engaged

Manufacturing employees are skilled professionals who know your industry inside-out. Once you've found them, you'll want to make sure they stay. How can you improve your retention numbers and nurture your talent? Let your intranet platform serve as your hub for connectivity. Create deep integrations with HR systems and give your frontline the ability to access payroll and holiday information seamlessly.

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Manufacturing workforce pipeline

Make the most of your partnerships

Your network goes beyond your full-time employees. From freelancers to third-party partners, make sure everyone involved in your product has the tools and communications channels needed to deliver. Cultivate a connection that reaches your extended network by introducing a portal or extranet that can serve as a shared space for ideation and updates.

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Personalize your comms

With a significant portion of your workforce being away from a desk, harness the power of your intranet platform to communicate with them. Your employees may only have a few minutes to engage with the latest news, so make sure the stories they see are targeted to their role and region for a messaging approach that is personalized and engaging. Leverage digital signage to boost engagement of your time-pressed deskless staff.

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Manufacturing Intranet FAQs

What is an intranet in a manufacturing company?

An intranet is a private internal network within an organization, such as a manufacturing company. It allows employers and employees to connect and access company knowledge and data.

An intranet for manufacturing, like Unily offers, may also be useful for elevating communication, improving document management, and reaching employees from all corners of the business through one centralized platform.

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What is the digital manufacturing industry?

The digital manufacturing industry refers to the integration of advanced technologies and digital systems in the manufacturing process. This industry encompasses technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, data analytics, automation, and more. There is typically little to no human intervention. 

By leveraging digital technologies, manufacturers can achieve greater efficiency, flexibility, and agility. This enables faster time-to-market, cost reduction, predictive maintenance, and customization capabilities. An intranet, like Unily, is one example of a technology that can be used to optimize communication channels and enhance project management capabilities in the digital manufacturing industry.

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How is digital technology used in manufacturing?

Digital technology is invaluable in the manufacturing industry. Key applications include: 

  • Automation: Streamlining operations through the use of robotics and automated systems.
  • Data analytics: Extracting insights from production data to enhance decision-making and optimize processes.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): Assisting in training, simulations, and design validation.
  • Digital twins: Creating virtual replicas for testing, monitoring, and optimizing manufacturing workflows.
  • Cloud computing: Facilitating data storage, collaboration, and remote access.
  • 3D printing: Empowering rapid prototyping and customization.

These digital technology applications empower manufacturers, driving efficiency and innovation. Manufacturing organizations can ensure every employee is kept informed by combining these applications with an intranet knowledge hub

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How is an intranet used in the manufacturing sector?

Intranet technology can be used to bring together the traditionally unsocial workplace environment of the manufacturing industry. An intranet offers fast and easy access to all relevant company information, tailored to a person's job role or department, to every company employee.

An intranet acts as a digital workplace for the manufacturing sector and may allow employees to access social features. This creates a sense of community and lessens the impact that a dispersed workforce can have on morale.

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How do manufacturing companies benefit from a digital workplace?

Manufacturing companies benefit from a digital workplace in several ways. The biggest benefit is that it lets employees do their work faster. When employers implement manufacturing intranet software, employees can contact their team, management, or any relevant colleagues in an instant, wherever in the world they might be. 

As knowledge management platforms, intranets can help these same employees make informed decisions. This comes as a result of them having quick access to all the data and information they need to come to a particular conclusion. Better decision-making leads to greater efficiency, improving the organization’s operational reliability.

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How to improve employee engagement within the manufacturing sector?

A manufacturing intranet portal is essential for improving employee engagement in the sector. It fosters communication channels between employees around the world and may be used to reward employees with recognition programs.  

Organizations using intranet services like Unily can harness real-time auto-translations. This means a multilingual and global workforce can feel connected and “seen” even when the native tongue differs from region to region. Unified employees are much more likely to find a sense of community in their workplace.

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