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For many pharmaceutical enterprises, the stakes have never been higher. Between the global pandemic and a rising elderly population, the world is eagerly awaiting cutting-edge treatments that will transform patient health. But what can you do to ensure your organization is ready to deliver? Discover how Unily is powering the next generation of digitally empowered pharmaceutical employees with an intranet that puts people at the heart of business.


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  • "Before Unily, our digital workplace was essentially useless. No one went there for anything, and it was not used as a communication channel at all. Because of this, we had no way to get content out to employees who needed it, and it took employees 50% longer to find the information they needed to get their job done – if they could find it at all. This led to people going to ‘who they knew’ rather than getting the official information from the intranet."

    Travis Gregory - Associate Director, IT at Biogen
  • "Working closely with Unily, we were able to design and implement an intranet solution that has improved usability, accessibility and navigation for our employees across the country. This has been especially important since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic."

    Arun Thomas - CIO at Dynacare
  • "Unily has great search capabilities, contemporary design, is viewable on any device and soon will allow us to reach employees in our distribution centers, labs, and transport networks for the first time. It’s a real game changer for us."

    Kerry Christopher - VP Internal Communications at Cardinal Health

Get critical messages out fast

When big news breaks, how can you ensure your entire workforce stays in the know? Create, target, and track communications that are sure to resonate. Push comms out via multiple channels in one go, from one location. For your most important announcements, use mandatory reads to ensure everyone stays on the same page.

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Enable deskless connections for your frontline

With teams being based on the road, in laboratories, or remote, the need to give employees a consistent user experience is essential. With a mobile responsive intranet solution and a branded app, you can utilize push notifications to keep your teams aligned, whether they’re in the office or out in the field. Consolidate knowledge into one central hub to empower your frontline teams and give them a single source of truth.

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Make synergy your reality

Keep key knowledge secure and within reach

Access to accurate information keeps employees safe and productive. Unite your enterprise knowledge with an integrated intranet that centralizes documents from every repository in one place. With bulletproof information security and granular permissions, keep data secure and ensure the right people have the right information at their fingertips. Bring all your knowledge together into one searchable, secure location.

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Unily security
'Biogen transforms enterprise corporate communications and collaboration' case study flat pages

Biogen transforms enterprise corporate communications and collaboration

Add a dose of inspiration to your culture

Your employees are working small miracles every day. Make sure colleagues know about the innovative work their peers are doing with a central platform that reflects your people and culture. Spotlight the everyday heroes who embody the values your organization stands for with rich communications and use badges and kudos to honor individual achievements. 

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Reward pharmaceutical

Upgrade collaboration

From the laboratory to the factory, much of your workforce is often away from their desks. Sidestep the inefficiencies of working in silos with a single digital HQ that brings employees together, no matter where they work. Empower your frontline workers to share insights directly with the C-suite through feedback forms, social channels, and ideation portals. Encourage employees to use social networking and discussion forums to build a more connected outlook.

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Patient centric approach

Engage your entire network

New partnerships promise to change the face of the pharmaceutical industry. Do you have the digital infrastructure needed to fuel seamless third-party collaborations? Set the stage for strong partnerships with a secure extranet that lets you securely share information with third parties. Streamline the knowledge-sharing process, and use permissions and targetting to share information on a need-to-know basis.

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Pharmaceuticals Intranet FAQs

Why are communication skills important in the pharma industry?

Communication skills help pharma employees to understand customers' and stakeholders' needs. An intranet can assist with this because of its vital knowledge-sharing, insights, and document management capabilities. Employees can glean expertise from their peers, wherever they are in the world - helping them develop their communication skills even before they are required to directly interact with customers.

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What is communication in the pharmaceutical industry?

Pharma internal communications refer to the ways employers and employees collaborate in the pharmaceutical industry. An intranet is a good option for facilitating this type of communication.

One way a pharma intranet helps internal communications is through auto-translation capabilities. These ensure every single employee can understand one another. It also means that important data and information can be quickly spread throughout the organization. This is accomplished through the use of features like push communications and notifications, which reduce the chance of mistakes being made due to out-of-date data. 

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What is a pharmaceutical intranet?

A pharmaceutical intranet is a private internal network designed to improve employee engagement. It also acts as a knowledge management hub where employees can access an organization's data. An intranet is particularly important to the pharma industry, because teams may be based on the road, in laboratories, or offices. Without this centralizing force, these employees may feel disconnected from one another and unable to communicate effectively.

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What is a pharmaceutical digital workplace?

An intranet creates a pharmaceutical digital workplace. It does this by acting as a centralized platform for company knowledge and internal communications. It also forms a social hub in which employees may interact with one another, wherever they are.

This central repository of knowledge creates a single source of truth. This is especially important for the pharma industry where employees need the latest information, at any given time, to do their jobs effectively.

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