All your knowledge in one place

With the pace of change ever-accelerating, your workforce doesn't have time to sift through countless systems looking for information. By putting key insights right at their fingertips, Unily empowers employees to do their best work.

Knowledge management

Rapid access to a skills-based people directory

User profile directories unlock expertise and put your entire knowledge base on full display. Encourage collaboration and bring the right people together.

Finding a colleague in the people directory

New ways of working with ideation

Take advantage of an ideation portal to showcase innovative ways of thinking and give your employees the opportunity to vote on their favorite ideas. Build your platform into a hub of innovation.

Raising ideas in the ideation portal

Social knowledge sharing

Social communities make it easy for employees to lend a helping hand and share their knowledge. Intuitive social features make it easy to share insights across your enterprise.

Sharing an insight to Microsoft Teams

Integrated search across all knowledge bases

Surface knowledge from all sources with a unified search experience. Save time switching between systems and bring all your knowledge together into a single searchable location.

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The ultimate guide to intranet ROI

Discover the cold hard facts and bottom line benefits that an intranet can deliver.

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