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Over the past decade, technology has revolutionized how we work, play, and live. With remote work gaining traction and innovations in robotics and AI on the horizon, the rise of the industry shows no signs of slowing down. It’s time to extend the digital revolution to the workplace experience, and Unily helps your employees access next-generation tools to collaborate, communicate, and create the technology that will prove to be tomorrow’s game-changer.


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Put fun at the heart of your culture

With your employees always working on the next big technological advancement, it can be hard to keep them engaged with each other. Leverage your employee experience platform to help them see what’s happening across the organization and engage with the wider company goals. Fuel a positive culture with gamification, kudos, and badges that will resonate with your teams, and encourage them to interact with each other.


Centralize your resources

With so many departments and teams working on different things, it’s inevitable that collaboration will take a hit. Bring all your tools and resources into a central digital workplace and break down silos within your organization. An intranet that puts all your employees’ tools in one place will make it easier for them to access what they need to do their jobs and result in higher levels of productivity.

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Windstream intranet migration case study flat pages - migrating to Unily in 9 weeks

Windstream: Migrating to Unily in 9 weeks

Discover how Windstream migrated from their legacy platform to a new modern intranet in just 9 weeks.

Tailor internal comms to your employees

With the technology industry moving almost too quickly to keep up with, ensure your employees stay informed of the latest product updates and changes with an intranet platform. Add rich media and video, implement social channels, and engage everyone with personalized communications that can be tailored to their own preferences.

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Combat churn with centralization

The war for talent rages on, particularly in the technology industry, with 86% of tech companies listing talent acquisition as a top challenge. Counteract the fallout of high churn rates by keeping your company knowledge in one place. Use your platform to centralize information, giving your employees one single source to access insights and useful resources.

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Create a simplified network

With disparate enterprise applications, it can be difficult to navigate various products. Bring your different tools and apps together into one central hub with an employee experience platform. Whether you’re working exclusively on Microsoft, or need to integrate with Google, simplify the experience with an intranet that seamlessly connects the different elements of your network.

Intranet for Tech Sector FAQs

Are intranets outdated?

Implementing intranet technology is still one of the best ways a company can share data across their organization securely. Intranets can only become outdated technology if they stop innovating. Enterprise intranets, like Unily, continue to innovate by promoting and improving employee engagement, with features that recognize and reward employee achievements.

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What is a NextGen workplace?

A next-generation workplace harnesses cutting-edge or recently developed technology, incorporating it into many aspects of an organization. This technology may be focused on creating an environment that encourages collaboration and works to ensure that every employee feels like they’re part of a community.

Intranets are an example of one component of next-generation workplace technology. Some, like Unily, foster a sense of community in the company regardless of an employee’s native language, providing multilingual capabilities such as auto-translating content.

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How can the digital workplace benefit technology companies?

A digital workplace has several benefits for technology companies. Having every tool and all documentation available in a central location, like an intranet for high-tech companies, is especially important for improving productivity and efficiency. This next-generation workplace technology keeps your employees engaged because they can communicate with their colleagues immediately.

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How can you improve genuine employee engagement in the tech sector?

A digital workplace with enterprise intranet technology is one of the best ways to improve employee engagement in the tech sector. Tech employees can often feel disconnected from one another and isolated.

Your employees must be able to communicate as easily as if they were sitting in adjoining cubicles. Intranets can facilitate this connectivity with next-generation workplace technology that forges a community.

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