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Future of the sustainable workplace in the age of COVID-19 and climate change launch event

We are living in a time of great and immediate change. COVID-19 and climate change are just two of the most obvious forces impacting our way of life. With mass disruptions promising to transform how we work and live, sustainability is rising on the global agenda. In this webinar, we bring together experts in the field of sustainability, employee experience, and technology to discuss how we can seize opportunities to accelerate the transition to sustainable workplaces. As business leaders, how can we use this time of disruption as a catalyst for positive change and what does the sustainable future workplace look like?

Why sustainability needs to be a focus of post-pandemic internal communications

Sustainability will be a non-negotiable priority in the new world of work. By exploring the key insights from our latest report, Future of the Sustainable Workplace, your internal comms team can launch new messaging strategies that will align your workforce as you build a better tomorrow.

What to look for in a next gen intranet

The world of work is changing rapidly, and enterprise technology is no exception. As organizations increasingly look to innovative tools to underpin new ways of working, many leaders are re-evaluating their digital infrastructure. Does your intranet have what it takes to be considered next-generation?