Unleash the power of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint with an intranet

Microsoft 365 and SharePoint are a popular choice for the foundation of a modern digital workplace, yet many global enterprises struggle to unlock the full potential of the Microsoft stack. This comprehensive guide outlines the role of Microsoft 365 within the digital workplace, offering examples and steps that your business can take to maximize the return on your Microsoft investment with an intranet.

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Get the most from Microsoft 365 with an intranet

Unily’s guide to maximizing Microsoft 365 and SharePoint is intended for enterprises considering or currently using Microsoft 365 as part of their digital workplace. By breaking down each component of Microsoft’s cloud offering, this guide offers business sponsors and technical teams alike strategies and advice for making the most of the Microsoft suite’s functionality with an intranet.

In this guide, we hope to help businesses better understand the capabilities of the Microsoft stack and how Microsoft 365 works in tandem with an intranet to deliver an enhanced, unified solution for end-users.

What you can find within this guide

This guide provides in-depth insight and analysis of Microsoft's enterprise offering, with chapters covering:

Microsoft 365 as an intranet

This section provides an in-depth look into the key aspects of Microsoft’s enterprise offering that businesses commonly rely on to form their intranet. Focusing primarily on SharePoint Online, this section identifies the strengths and limitations of a Microsoft 365 intranet.

Overcoming the challenges of the Microsoft stack

To aid enterprises in avoiding the pitfalls of a Microsoft 365 intranet, this chapter outlines key challenges associated with the Microsoft stack and analyses how each tool can be brought together into a unified single pane of glass experience. We then provide examples of how Microsoft 365 can be integrated within an intranet for various scenarios and use cases.

Key Microsoft 365 challenges intranets solve

Here we provide an overview of the Microsoft stack’s limitations that an intranet can enhance. With client examples and comparisons, this analysis covers key areas such as cost, development time, user experience, adoption, and client support.

5 steps to unleash the potential of the Microsoft stack

With key takeaways to inform your digital strategy, Unily offers five actionable steps that any business can take to maximize the value of Microsoft 365 as a business tool, allowing you to gain the most return on your investment.

Who is this guide for?

This guide will be of value to IT specialists, internal communicators, HR practitioners, business leaders, consultants, strategists, analysts, and any business considering or currently using Microsoft 365 or SharePoint as a part of their wider digital workplace.

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