Simplify publishing with an intuitive, consumer-grade intranet Content Management System (CMS)

Remove reliance on IT and give your comms team the tools they need to publish content in seconds. Translate dynamic content into any language, target the right audiences, optimize for every device, and track performance with our award-winning intranet CMS.


  • The Estée Lauder Companies

    "We needed the design to be super elegant and the UX had to be really strong. It needed to be multi-sensory so users want to reach out and touch it, then talk about it and use the social features to take that message, and what they've learned, and share it with other employees."

    Kerry O'Donnell - Executive Director, Information Technology at The Estée Lauder Companies
  • "The Unily platform allows our employees to access relevant content more quickly, choose how and when they stay informed and take advantage of opportunities to collaborate more effectively with colleagues."

    Carly Nankin - Head of Internal Communications and Engagement at Cathay Pacific
  • "As our colleagues are used to using Facebook, Twitter, and so on - to have the same great user experience with an internal tool is a gift for them."

    Raphaèle Lhomel - Deputy Head of Communications at Adecco

Drag and Drop Publishing

Create engaging pages and sites with ease, using our drag and drop design tool and deliver frictionless content at scale with our Live Page Editor. Live-load and full-screen experience gives you crystal clarity, while seamless drag and drop makes configuration simple. Choose from a gallery of widgets and simply drop your content in place. No code, just content.

Unily's live page editor in the CMS

Content Views and Templates

Adopt pre-configured templates or create your own for re-use anytime you need them. Keep content formatting consistent, and make it easy for communicators to populate a pre-defined structure.

Rich media and native video library


Craft content that resonates in seconds using our AI assistant. Leverage the advent of AI to generate and optimize content with options for formality, tone, and keyword refinement. Upload videos directly to your platform and let Unily take over the heavy-lifting. Built-in AI transcription saves your content creators time and makes native video content more accessible for everyone.

AI-Powered Intranet

Front-end publishing on any device

Not only is does our intranet come with an award-winning employee app, your employees can use the intranet CMS to create and share content from any device, any location, at any time. Empower your people to make their voice heard with front-end content creation available on desktop, tablets, and mobile.

Employee App

Target audiences

Content Scheduling and Approval Workflow

Coordinate campaigns by scheduling content to publish ahead of time and un-publish in the future. Configure approval workflows to keep everyone on track and content accuracy optimized.

Gather feedback with forms

Content Review Lifecycles

Create workflows and timelines for content review that maintain your platform's status as the single source of truth. Notify assigned users when content is due for review and automatically unpublish outdated content that misses its reviewal deadline. 

Content review

Content Change Logs, Rollback & Auditing

Keep on top of every change to all your content with changelogs and auditing that give you the power to rollback to previous versions whenever necessary.

Developer framework

Content Management Permissions

Highly-granular user permissions give you ultimate control over who has access to what. With no model too complex, Unily lets you manage exactly what your people can and can’t do across your platform.


Automatic AI Image Tagging

Upload images in a flash and leverage AI-powered automatic image tagging to take the pain out of taxonomy. Organize your media simply and make it easy for users to find and reuse pre-approved assets across their content.

Automatic ai image tagging

Integrated Stock Image Library

Use an integrated library of royalty-free stock imagery to make sure every piece of content has a visual aid. Search, download, and use high-quality images from the comfort of your intranet.



Access documents in seconds and pull files from any repository. Integrate your existing document management solutions, or use native document storage.



Deliver inclusive experiences that land on every device. Preview sites, pages, and content across different devices and audiences to ensure everyone gets the same, meaningful experience no matter where or how they work.

Different content types to suit your needs

Intranet CMS FAQs

What is intranet CMS software?

An intranet CMS is a content management system that manages all the digital content of a business in one place. It is essentially an internal website accessible only by people within the company, that stores useful information relevant to specific departments. Some intranet CMSs offer their users the ability to translate content into any language, meaning it can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world.

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What is the difference between a website CMS and intranet CMS?

An intranet CMS is generally overseen by an organization and used to communicate with its employees. It also allows for communication between employees and the uploading of the business's digital content. On the other hand, a website CMS is a platform that allows you to manage the content of a specific website.

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How do you organize intranet content?

Businesses have plenty of flexibility as to how their intranet's content is organized. For example, Unily utilizes AI tagging to automatically assign and organize any uploaded media. Users can then search tags to access pre-approved assets that can be used in their content. Document templates ensure consistent formatting, making it easier to communicate across departments, while content management permissions give businesses complete control over who can access what.

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What is the main purpose of a content management system?

A content management system’s main purpose is to create and distribute digital content. Users may apply templates designed by their organization or create their own. It allows content to be organized based on a set of predetermined principles, creating an easily accessible database of content - perfect for enterprise knowledge management

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Clients. Level up employee experience with Unily.

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British Airways is the UK's largest international airline and one of the world's leading global premium carriers. Operating one of the most extensive international scheduled airline route networks, BA carries almost 40 million customers a year to more than 70 different countries.

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The new intranet solution will transform engagement and productivity, bringing the latest innovations in communication and collaboration technology to a diverse, global workforce operating in approximately 150 countries and territories.

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The Estée Lauder Companies mobile intranet
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