Fuel employee culture and engage your people

Creating culture in the workplace starts with meaningful connections. With a unified digital workplace platform, you can revolutionize employee engagement across all levels of your organization. Attract, retain, and nurture talent with digital experiences that empower people, fuel company culture and values, and unite your office-based, frontline, hybrid, or remote workforce. Build a global work culture that incorporates every employee. Utilize the best employee experience software and connect every corner of your dispersed workforce. Redefine how you interact with your employees, building a modern work culture that genuinely energizes every employee.


Fuel culture
  • "We wanted an enhanced intranet platform at Baker Hughes, which would improve our ability to communicate with our employees in real-time and in new ways. We have engaged Unily to help our employees navigate through change and drive results globally."

    Stephanie Hartgrove - VP Global Communications at Baker Hughes
  • "Our intranet has a high degree of engagement and readership - we're really seeing our community come alive."

    Lui Mancinelli - SVP Marketing, Communications and PR at Stantec
  • "Being well informed, collaborating, communicating with colleagues and effective search tools – these are central to our new intranet. "

    Heinz Korten - Project Lead at Wacker

Establish the importance of employee voice

Ignite authentic conversations and drive innovation with a modern social intranet. Use social channels to connect and collaborate across your enterprise, enabling your employees to build lasting relationships with their coworkers wherever they may be. Strengthen your remote work culture by incorporating embedded social functions like custom reactions, #hashtags, and @mentions. Bring your enterprise and community to life with dynamic two-way conversations.

Social Intranet

Mentioning a colleague on Unily social

From on-boarding to retaining top talent

Engage employees from their first day to their last and beyond, with digital experiences that go beyond their expectations. Lay the foundations of an engaging culture from day one. Utilize employee journeys for onboarding, and streamline the process through centralized resources. Provide new employees with important policies, up-to-date company news, essential training, and welcome messages from colleagues, creating a culture of engagement from the beginning. Reflect your brand identity and create a home for workplace culture and values.

Employee Journeys

Recognize inspirational individuals

Encourage peer-to-peer recognition with kudos awards. Spotlight top performers for going above and beyond with badges, and promote a culture of value-aligned reward and recognition. Demonstrate that your enterprise values your employees for a job well done. Create culture in the workplace with spotlighting features like homepage takeovers, social media shout-outs, and customizable badges. Provide recognition straight to your employees’ mobiles for immediate satisfaction.

Rewards & Recognition

Awarding kudos to a colleague

Surveys as a catalyst for change

Effortlessly gather valuable feedback and show you’re listening with Unily surveys. Craft surveys in mere minutes to gauge engagement levels, empowering you to make insight-driven decisions that reflect a engaged employee culture. Tailor and personalize surveys to cater to individuals and address the unique needs of every department. Keep your finger on the pulse and troubleshoot for potential sources of disengagement with real-time metrics and analytics. Intranets provide employee engagement solutions to enterprises, letting employers turn input and feedback into action.

Employee Feedback

'How to fuel a positive culture for remote workers' guide flat pages

How to fuel a positive culture for remote workers

Discover how to fuel a positive culture for remote workers.

Employee Culture FAQs

How do you create workplace culture?

Creating culture in the workplace involves several key steps. Companies should define their core values - these will serve as the foundation. Employers should also:

  • Lead by example, and ensure company leaders embody these values
  • Engage employees by encouraging open communication and involvement
  • Foster collaboration and teamwork, recognizing and rewarding excellence
  • Support employee growth through professional development
  • Promote work-life balance and celebrate achievements
  • Maintain transparent communication
  • Organize team-building activities to strengthen relationships

Workplace employee experience culture is dynamic, and must continuously evolve to meet your organization's changing needs. By implementing these measures, you can cultivate a positive and engaged workplace culture that drives success and empowers your organization to thrive.

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What is an example of work culture?

An example of a company that maintains a good work culture fosters open communication and collaboration among employees. Team members should be able to freely share ideas, feedback, and opinions, building trust and mutual respect.

Another example would be an employee culture that promotes work-life balance with flexible arrangements and wellness programs. Workforce engagement solutions often utilize rewards and recognition for achievements, motivating employees to excel. This positive and inclusive environment helps people reach their full potential, thereby contributing to the overall success of the company.

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What makes a good culture?

A workplace that cultivates good culture and employee experience often utilizes employee recognition. This presents enterprises with two key benefits - providing the means to reward top performers and reinforcing the behavior and culture your organization values. A good workplace culture may also be characterized by the following:

  • Positive Environment: A supportive and encouraging atmosphere where employees feel recognized, valued and appreciated.
  • Effective Communication: Open and transparent communication channels that foster trust and mutual understanding.
  • Collaboration: Emphasis on teamwork and a collaborative approach to problem-solving and decision-making.
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What is the influence of culture on employee experiences?

Employee engagement and culture are often tied together and contribute to each other's success. A positive workplace culture creates an environment where employees feel engaged, motivated, and valued. This fosters a sense of belonging, encouraging team members to collaborate and support each other's growth. In turn, satisfied and fulfilled employees contribute positively to the culture, reinforcing company values and driving organizational success.

Employee experience platforms, like Unily, play a vital role in creating culture in a digital workforce that might otherwise struggle to engage with their company's culture, due to physical constraints. Get in touch today and learn how employee culture and engagement can unite your enterprise.

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