Unite your business applications

Unily's integrations framework brings together all the content, information, and tools your people need to do their best work. With Unily Content APIs you can also establish integrations that can securely expose Unily content in other third-party applications or absorb content straight into your CMS allowing the content within to reach further.


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A single pane of glass experience

Eliminate time spent switching between applications by uniting your applications in a single pane of glass experience. Whether for pushing out content to an integrated mobile app or Slack channel, or absorbing external news stories into your Unily news repositories for curation, the Unily Integrations & APIs make it all possible. 

Unite your applications

Simplify integration with the Feature Store

Enable plug-and-play installation of pre-configured integrations, that seamlessly connect your people to more of the apps and tools they use every day.

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Microsoft 365 with an intranet guide pages

Unleash the power of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint with an intranet

Discover how an intranet can help you get the most value from your Microsoft 365 investment.

Microsoft 365

Unite the Microsoft 365 stack in a single digital experience with every tool available without switching applications. Boost productivity and get the most from your Microsoft investment.

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Microsoft 365 intranet integrations

Google Workspace

From accessing files in Google Docs and Google Drive to collaborating and sharing materials on Sites, get the best out of your Google tools through deeply configurable integrations with Google Workspace.

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Google intranet integrations

SharePoint Intranet

Maximize your SharePoint investment with an employee experience platform built to engage employees, transform internal communications, and unite your applications. Take your SharePoint intranet to the next level with a built-for-purpose platform that fills all the gaps.



Unily and Salesforce work hand-in-hand, allowing users to search across Salesforce accounts, leads, opportunities, and contacts all from within Unily.


ScreenCloud Digital Signage Integration

The most sophisticated approach to digital signage employee communications


Slack Intranet Solutions

Bring Slack into Unily with plug-and-play integrations and help connect users to content and communications.



Unily integrates with ServiceNow to give users overviews of open incidents and tickets and the ability to search across knowledge bases within Unily.



With Unily and integration to Zoom, you can cut down on unnecessary expenditure and organize video meetings at your convenience. You can also view your upcoming meetings with ease by showcasing them on your Unily homepage.


Clients. Level up employee experience with Unily.

The platform trusted by the largest workforces to deliver world-class employee experience.

For nearly 40 years, Canon has delivered products and services across the Oceania region to inspire and innovate. With more than 2k staffers spread across areas including Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines, Canon sought to launch a centralized digital workplace that would connect, engage, and drive efficiency in a dispersed workforce.

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Canon homepage on mobile phone

From scientists to engineers, Wacker’s workforce is comprised of experts that have set the enterprise apart as a pioneer of modern chemistry for more than 100 years. To pave the way for the next century of innovative work, Wacker sought to launch a user-led solution that would reimagine collaboration across the enterprise.

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Wacker homepage on mobile

As part of a wider vision for digital transformation, leading recruitment brand The Adecco Group, embarked on a mission to transform the working habits of its 9,000-strong workforce with a digital workplace that could reinvent communication, collaboration. and productivity in the workplace.

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Adecco homepage on mobile phone
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