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Effective communication is the cornerstone of an informed and engaged workforce. Unily is the complete internal communications solution that empowers you have meaningful conversations with employees on their own turf. Give them the content they need to engage with and save time by managing all your comms through one internal communications platform. Get ready to build a thriving and engaged work culture. 


Internal Comms
  • "By providing this new, mobile Unily intranet solution to our 44,000 colleagues, we are helping them to connect and communicate more effectively, which ultimately means a more consistent, high-quality service delivered to customers."

    Drew McMillan - Director of Colleague Communication and Engagement at British Airways
  • "People want short, quick, real-time communications. That didn't exist before, today it's instant."

    David Harrington - Vice President Internal Communications at Shell
  • "We wanted an enhanced intranet platform at Baker Hughes, which would improve our ability to communicate with our employees in real-time and in new ways. We have engaged Unily to help our employees navigate through change and drive results globally."

    Stephanie Hartgrove - VP Global Communications at Baker Hughes


Breathe life into employee communication with a new-age internal comms platform. From the head office to the frontline, reach every device with targeted comms in any language. Tailor experiences according to preferences, role, or location, and automate regular key content. Create agency for employees while maintaining governance, and allow users to tell their own stories with social intranet software. Reward users with custom badges to incentivize engagement and nurture employee relations with peer-to-peer and goal-defined automated recognition. 

Social Intranet

Unily social feed


Engage everyone from head office to frontline with targeted internal comms available in any language, on any device. Give employees agency to tailor their own experiences through preferences, and maintain governance when you need it. Provide regular updates through personalized content that employees can opt-in for.

Multichannel Communications

Communications article
Internal communications guide pages

7 steps to futureproof your internal communications strategy

Download our checklist to discover 7 essential steps to futureproof your internal communications.

Publishing made simple

Redefine internal comms platforms with employee communication tools. Implement Unily’s robust publishing features with our easy-to-use CMS and allow your employees to focus on creating, not coding. Oversee the entire content review cycle and ensure comms alignment with master approvals. Keep track of all key content, organize what you see, and unpublish out-of-date content in seconds. Notify key stakeholders when content is approaching review, ensuring everything remains up-to-date and accurate at all times. Measure your employee's engagement with advanced intranet analytics to discover exactly what they care about.

Intranet CMS

Unily targeted content creation

Comms in every employees' pocket

Give employees an intranet that connects them wherever they are and lets them engage on the go. Grant access from multiple devices so employees can keep their fingers on the pulse in more ways than ever before. With mobile intranet apps available from both the IOS and Android app stores, you can connect and engage with employees on the go. Future proof your company for the age of remote working with communication software able to reach your audience no matter their device.

Employee App

Internal communications push notifications


An internal communications software with multichannel capabilities that allows messages to be sent via broadcast email, Microsoft Teams, and other third-party applications like Slack. Ensure no one misses your important messages with intelligent push notifications, reserved for emergencies, major events, and deadlines. Set goals, plan timelines, configure workflows, and map content across channels from one central platform.

Intranet Integrations

Send newsletters through Broadcast Center

Automate engagement with marketing-grade campaigns

Take communications further with marketing-grade automation features that make creating complex, multi-channel campaigns simple. Set goals, plan timelines, configure workflows, map content across channels and do it all from one easy-to-use platform. Send alerts, push notifications, and email broadcasts directly from the Broadcast Center. Prevent information overload with engagement rules alongside planning and scheduling features.

Campaign Automation

Engagement automation
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Internal Comms Software FAQs

What is internal communication software?

Internal comms software gives users the tools they need to communicate with other employees within an organization. Direct and group messaging are both available, meaning company-wide updates can be sent from one central platform and be seen by all. You’ll be able to provide employee communication tools that create interconnected communities within the digital work environment.

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What are the benefits of communication software?

There are multiple benefits of communication software - you’ll be able to create a network of interconnected employees able to communicate quickly and effectively, in ways that matter to them. This software allows you to reach across departments with enterprise communication software designed to expand and open new channels of communication.

By combining direct and group messaging, you’ll ensure every update or deadline is easily viewable by your employees, instead of sending mass emails and hoping that they do not get lost in the process. You will also be able to keep employees engaged with social features that create meaning and offer a reason for them to interact with the software.

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What software is used for internal communication in the office?

An intranet is the most widely adopted internal comms platform used by most businesses. Accessible by all employees in the network, an intranet allows for quick communication between departments, and for company-wide updates to be sent to all users.

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What are the tools for internal communication?

There are several tools for internal communication - an intranet is only one of them. These include:

  • Collaboration software
  • Mobile intranet
  • Internal newsletters
  • Community channels
  • News centers
  • Multilingual tools
  • E-blasts 
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