Professional Services Intranet. Make unparalleled expertise your IT factor.

From HR to accounting, professional services organizations operate in specialized fields that require specific skill sets. Effective communication and knowledge sharing are at the heart of delivering exceptional client service. An employee experience platform from the provider trusted by some of the biggest names in professional services can serve as a home for insight and knowledge exchange. Give your employees the tools to be the best they can be, so your customers get the best service possible.


  • Stantec
  • Adecco
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Dorma
  • Informa
  • "As our colleagues are used to using Facebook, Twitter, and so on - to have the same great user experience with an internal tool is a gift for them."

    Raphaèle Lhomel - Deputy Head of Communications at Adecco
  • "Our intranet has a high degree of engagement and readership - we're really seeing our community come alive."

    Lui Mancinelli - SVP Marketing, Communications and PR at Stantec
  • "Unily enables colleagues to stay up to date, share knowledge and collaborate, and ultimately helps us work smarter as we seek to continue to innovate and grow as a business."

    Joe Dilieto - Digital Communications Manager at Informa

Unlock knowledge silos and connect experts

Your people are experts in their field and connecting them delivers untold innovation. An EXP can unlock knowledge silos and give employees easy access to the people and information they need to go above and beyond for clients. Unite your knowledge in a centralized, searchable hub and use skill-based user directories to connect experts and deliver an unparalleled client service.

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Maximize billable hours and output

For many professional services firms, the equation is simple: more billable hours = more profits. Your intranet can serve as every employee's secret weapon for enhanced productivity by delivering a single view to all knowledge, people, and systems. Give employees the tools they need at their fingertips so they can work smarter - and more efficiently - to deliver more for your clients.

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Invite partners and clients into your network

Whether you’re looking to share updates with a client or managing a project with third parties, your EXP can take external collaboration to the next level. Launch an extranet or portal to seamlessly exchange information, while keeping internal documents safe and secure. Integrate with your existing enterprise stack for a single pane of glass experience.

Power a culture of inspiration

In the remote era, we're reliant on technology to bridge corporate culture gaps. An EXP ensures that no matter how dispersed your workforce gets, you can provide a place for employees to connect with each other, and your leaders, share inspiring stories, and imbibe company values. When an inspiring project launches on the other side of the world, make sure everyone hears about it with a communications experience that drives engagement across every touchpoint.

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Keep confidential information secure

With professional services organizations handling vast amounts of data, content encryption and safeguarding internal information is essential. Leverage a consumer-grade EXP without compromising on security. Keep internal information safe with an EXP that delivers enterprise-grade security, with both ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II standards.

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Keep everyone on the same page

Every enterprise is vulnerable to disconnect, especially when your workforce is dispersed. An omnichannel internal comms strategy is essential to reach and engage your people, whether they’re working from the office, on-site with a client, or reading from their home desk. Your EXP will serve as the backbone for a targeted messaging strategy that maximizes the reach and relevancy of every piece of content.

Professional Services Intranet FAQs

What are the services of an intranet?

Intranets provide several functions to the professional services industry. They open up multichannel communications, enabling knowledge sharing. This ensures employees feel united, even when they live and work far apart. 

An employee experience platform, like Unily, can also enhance professional services by providing employees with industry insights and immediate access to experts. In turn, knowledge silos become unlocked and skilled employees can pass on expertise to their peers. 

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Can intranets enhance professional services?

Intranets enhance professional services by ensuring that all confidential company information is kept safe. With enterprise-grade security, only certain employees have access to restricted documents and sensitive data. 

A professional services intranet can also be used to enhance productivity. With a single hub containing all a company's knowledge (documents, staff directories, and more), employees can spend less time sifting through multiple applications. This allows them to put in more billable hours, increasing company revenue.

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