Professional Services Intranet. Make unparalleled expertise your it factor.

From HR to accounting, professional services enterprises are visionaries in specialized fields that require advanced skill sets. Enhance your caliber of service by equipping your workforce with the tools and communications pathways needed to pioneer deliverables that will set your enterprise apart. A next-generation intranet can support your employees from their first day on the job through their transition to alumni and pave the way for peak performance throughout every step of their journey. 


  • Stantec
  • Adecco
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Dorma

"As our colleagues are used to using Facebook, Twitter, and so on - to have the same great user experience with an internal tool is a gift for them."

Raphaèle Lhomel - Deputy Head of Communications at Adecco

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Build an inspired culture

A compelling culture underpins superior work. Let your executive team set the tone through email newsletters, a video leadership series, and blog content written by the CEO. Take it a step further by spotlighting top performers and innovative breakthroughs to demonstrate what best practices look like in action.

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Maximize billable hours and output levels

For many professional services firms, the equation is simple: more billable hours = more profits. But what can you do to minimize downtime and ensure your workforce is prioritizing value-add activities? Your intranet can serve as every employee's secret weapon for enhanced productivity by reducing the time they spend switching applications. A single pane of glass experience with seamless integrations with all specialty business tools will take productivity to new heights.

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Help new hires hit the ground running

Hiring can be a catch-22: you need more hands on deck to manage your project load, but getting new hires up to speed can be an undertaking in and of itself. A dedicated onboarding site on your intranet will arm new joiners will the tools and information needed to make an impact from their first day on the job. Add welcome messages, video explainers, and training resources to make it easy for your recent hires to get their hands on the information that will power productivity from the start.

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Unlock your entire knowledgebase

Your clients look to you as the premier source of knowledge in your specialized field. To exceed their expectations and build a loyal client base, access to niche expertise is non-negotiable. Your intranet can unlock knowledge silos and maximize the information available to every employee. Build a knowledge hub to centralize crucial resources and take advantage of your user-profile directory to spotlight subject matter experts and encourage cross-functional collaboration.

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