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No matter your industry, Unily's employee experience platform can transform your enterprise. From healthcare, to retail, and everything in between, Unily's technology will be on hand to power excellence, drive productivity, and encourage communication and collaboration. Whether your workers are behind a desk, on the shop floor, or even up in the air, empower them with the next-generation employee experience they expect. 


Next-generation technology means your classrooms and lecture halls are no longer held back by physical barriers. Allow the exchange of knowledge and information to flow freely from teachers to students across the globe with a single-point platform.

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In an industry that is ever-evolving, digital technology and the overall employee experience have emerged as the fuel needed to power sustained success.

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Financial Services

Forward-thinking financial services are the ones that invest in their employees. Keep your workforce connected, collaborative, and productive with an employee experience platform that accelerates a digital-first culture, and unites your enterprise.

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Food & Agriculture

By focusing on employee experience and creating a strong culture of inclusion, your enterprise can ensure its best asset is ready to face the future and keep the world fed.

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The healthcare industry comes with its own set of ever-changing challenges and demands. Leverage technology to support and empower your frontline teams whenever and wherever they are needed most.

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Connect a disparate workforce and create a culture of unification with an employee experience platform. Arm your workforce with the tools needed to create unparalleled consumer experiences.

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HR Intranet

Having an intranet platform in place will provide your HR department with an easy way to communicate with, and provide support to, your current workforce, along with potential hires and new employees.

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Excel your manufacturing enterprise with a next-gen employee experience platform. Unite dispersed workforces, arm every employee with the resources and tools they need, and help to present the building blocks for a brighter future.

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Build the foundation for tomorrow’s breakthroughs with next-gen technology, by equipping employees and researchers with the tools needed to effectively share knowledge and generate innovative results.

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Professional Services

Effective communication and knowledge sharing are at the heart of delivering exceptional client service. Give your employees the tools to be the best they can be, so your customers get the best service possible.

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Unite franchises and enhance connection and collaboration within the enterprise with a one-stop-shop employee experience platform. Strengthen corporate and leadership communication, and make the most of a mobile-centric platform to make sure that workers on the shop floor are kept in the loop with timely notifications and updates.

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Extend your digital transformation to your employee experience by implementing a next-gen employee experience platform. Consolidate all apps and tools into a single source to truly streamline productivity and empower innovation.

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Travel & Transport

Take employee engagement to new heights with an employee experience platform that reaches every worker. Whether they're up in the air or on the road, connect the disconnected with next-gen technology.

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