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Powerful Enterprise Intranets in Hybrid Cloud

There are situations where putting an entire organization’s intranet into the cloud is not possible or desirable. A hybrid cloud-based intranet allows you to access the benefits of cloud functionality and scalability whilst keeping some of your content and information on-premise, such as your documents.

Unily Hub consolidates content from various SharePoint sources, for example SharePoint Server 2010 and Office 365 into a single, streamlined intranet. This ensures that users have access to everything they need from one location, dramatically improving efficiency and the experience for the user.

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Searching Across On-Premise & Cloud with Unily Hub

One of the many capabilities of a Unily Intranet, is the optimized search experience it provides built directly on top of SharePoint Search technology. As a result of this, Unily takes direct advantage of Hybrid Search capabilities to crawl content from varying sources. In addition to this, many of the content aggregation widgets on the Stories screen and Documents Centre are built using Search services provided by Office 365 and SharePoint Online, meaning that Unily can inherently take advantage of the Hybrid Search features to aggregate content from various content sources across a Hybrid Cloud environment, yet providing users with a single unified experience.

Scale with the Cloud - Customize as you need

You want a hybrid intranet solution because you understand the benefits of the cloud and your specific on-premise requirements. Unily Hub leverages all of the Microsoft Office 365 enterprise stack, using technologies such as One Drive for Business for seamlessly scalable cloud storage. Unily supports your specific requirements by providing you with most of what you need out of the box and not restricting the customizations you need in SharePoint. We are experts in SharePoint intranets which allows us to give you the kind of enterprise customizations your organization needs while working to the infrastructure model you want.

Success Assured with Inclusive Consultancy

We believe that a Unily Hybrid Cloud Intranet should evolve with your business and your needs. From our 10+ years experience in delivering award winning SharePoint intranets we know that organizations change and to ensure Unily Hub continues to meet your needs we provide inclusive on-going success consultancy. We believe that by working with you each year to continually improve how your specific Unily hybrid intranet solution is used we will ensure your success – and by doing this we can be successful too. As well as success consultancy, Unily is supported by a constant roadmap of customer-driven enhancements, Unily product innovation and Microsoft updates.

Faster Hybrid Intranets

Deploy Your Hybrid Intranet Faster

From its creation Unily Hub was built to be fast to deploy. With the majority of the functionality being ready to use out of the box it means that our focus can be entirely around your specific branding, design, functional customization and building you a user adoption success plan. Our team work with you to understand your specific hybrid intranet infrastructure requirements and how to deliver the unified intranet solution you need. Functional customizations that are required will be assembled by our skilled SharePoint development team and overseen by the Unily success consultants. This will all be done within a timeline that works for you.

Easy Hybrid Cloud Intranets

Proven Hybrid Intranet Solution

Unily has already proven to be the leading hybrid intranet solution for the enterprise. With deployments spanning the globe talk to our team about how you too can obtain the standout adoption and efficiency metrics achieved by other Unily users. Built around Microsoft’s own cloud foundations it makes sense to maximize your existing Office 365 investments with a Unily hybrid intranet.
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