Harness the full power of Google Workspace with Unily

Bringing Google and Unily together could streamline your processes and promote harmony across a comprehensive tooling suite. In an abundant market, why do enterprise-grade businesses choose Unily to deliver a highly polished integration with Google Workspace?

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Unleash the future of work with Google and Unily

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, offers a powerful set of productivity and collaboration tools from one of the world’s tech monoliths, but did you know that the prowess of Unily seamlessly integrates with it?

From email and document creation to video conferencing and cloud storage, the alliance of Google Workspace and Unily can deliver the ultimate next-generation employee experience. This duo could be your secret elixir to a more productive, more connected workforce.

In an abundant market, Unily’s extensibility, enterprise-grade governance, and extensive widget capability make it the platform of choice for enterprise-grade organizations seeking to optimize digital employee experience with a Google intranet.

Let's take a look at what this formidable partnership can offer the modern enterprise.

A single identity to unlock frictionless experiences

When employees are asked to constantly sign-in to a never-ending list of applications just to get their job done, they get frustrated fast. But what if they operated in a digital utopia where they only need to log-in once? By integrating Google Workspace with Unily, you can make Google Identity your key to unlocking elevated employee experience. Use your existing credentials to log into your employee experience platform, and let Single Sign-On (SSO) alleviate your app-switching woes.

Unily allows you to cut through the hum of competing systems, providing a single solution for your people, and a consumer-grade experience across your digital landscape to boot.

Unily also syncs user profiles with your existing Google Identities – cutting out manual effort and maintaining a single source of truth across all user data. With this SSO capability, users can log in once to access both Unily and Google Workspace applications, improving convenience and security.

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Put the edge in knowledge with Google Drive integrations

Unily offers seamless integration with Google Drive, delivering elevated enterprise knowledge sharing and productivity benefits in the following ways:

#1. Search that sings

A search engine that scans all your repositories and delivers results in an easy-to-refine format sounds good, right? Through deep integrations with Google Drive, Unily lets employees search across My Drive, Shared Drives, and everywhere else knowledge is stored, to find and compare reliable answers in a flash. Dynamic filters offer speedy narrowing of results for ultimate search satisfaction. So, no matter where that pesky file is stored, with Unily and Google working together, you’ll always find it in one place.

Unily's search capabilities are extended to include content and data from Google Workspace. Alongside documents, employees can perform a unified search across emails, files, and much more, directly from within the Unily interface. This smooth integration elevates knowledge management, enabling quick access to the information employees need to perform their tasks efficiently.

Google Drive Search

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Achieving a “Google-like” enterprise search experience in your digital workplace

In this blog we explore the benefits of a “Google-like” search experience for your digital workplace by taking full advantage of Unily’s brand-new search center. Deliver rapid access to information for your people through our exceptionally engaging and highly accessible digital experience platform.

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#2. Knowledge in context

That’s not the only way Unily + Google promotes effective access to enterprise knowledge. Presenting shared drives or specific files across your employee experience platform helps put information in context, and gives employees quick-access to must-see documentation when they’re in the flow of work. By integrating Unily and Google, you unlock the ability to infuse any Unily page with Google files, folders, calendars, and more.

Want to surface specific project files in the context of a project site? Easy. Want to display a recent HR presentation on your HR page? No problem. Want to make an edit to a document on a page? Do it within the context of Unily. End platform switching, and put accurate documentation at the fingertips of every employee.

By bringing Google Drive into the context of Unily, you can weave once-siloed knowledge into a rich tapestry of centralized information. This deep integration is the recipe for a sharp workforce, alleviated of digital friction.

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Systems that talk to each other for seamless work

Imagine if your chosen office suite worked in symbiosis with your intranet, so all information that flowed into one got instantly updated in the other. When you put Unily at the center of your digital employee experience by integrating it with Google Workspace, that’s exactly what happens.

Integrating Google Workspace with Unily allows your employee experience platform to flawlessly ‘talk to’ the full suite of Google apps. Calendars can be surfaced within the intranet to provide an ‘at-a-glance’ view of upcoming events, meetings, and tasks – surfacing both personal and shared calendars, for ultimate visibility. This integration also lets you add intranet events directly to your calendar and respond to meeting invites within our single pane of glass Unily experience. Combined, the result is a simplified digital experience that supercharges productivity and satisfaction across the organization.

Unite best-in-class technology

Google's comprehensive stack of applications is used by businesses around the world to enhance communication, collaboration, and productivity. Unily helps enterprises get the best out of their Google investment by seamlessly integrating with all Workspace applications.

Google Intranet Solution

Another example of this integration advantage comes when you integrate gmail with Unily. With this power couple at play, employees can scan their inboxes from the comfort of the intranet, limiting costly context-switching. Furthermore, having your gmail connected to the employee experience platform allows Unily to send personalized updates and recommendations straight to your inbox – so no matter what system you’re working in, you’re always getting the best of both.

The synergy of Google and Unily extends to the mobile app, allowing employees to enjoy the benefits of seamless interaction between systems from their device of choice. Combining the power of Unily’s award-winning employee app with the muscle of Google Workspace, means no matter where work takes your people, Google and Unily stay with them to keep them connected, productive, and engaged without limits.

When two power platforms sing from the same hymn sheet in this way, employees find harmony in their critical workplace apps once again.

Why Google and Unily are a powerful pair

Google Workspace is a powerful suite of productivity tools, and integrating it with the Unily employee experience platform can significantly enhance its capabilities. The union of these platforms offers a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to optimize collaboration, nurture communication, and supercharge employee engagement.  By leveraging the strengths of both Google Workspace and Unily, businesses can create a cohesive, unified digital workplace that empowers employees and drives success. The possibilities are boundless.

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