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Unily supports the world's largest financial services enterprises with the leading enterprise employee experience platform. Our intranet solution is equipped to cope with the rapid increase of next-generation technology that impacts every financial services enterprise. In an era of ongoing innovation and ever-changing regulations, your organization needs a single source of truth that is both efficient and secure. By pairing an easy-to-configure platform with enterprise-grade security, your intranet will underpin your organization’s next step forward.

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Protect what matters most

Financial services enterprises are often top targets for cybercrime, so protecting your knowledgebase and maintaining proper cybersecurity protocols is a pressing priority. Safeguard internal information with a platform that has both ISO27001:2013 and SOC 2 security certifications, as well as vulnerability penetration testing.

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Keep your workforce updated and aligned

The financial world is notoriously fast-paced. From keeping up with industry regulations to maintaining compliance, your employees always need to stay one step ahead. When it comes to communicating crucial news quickly, Unily provides the ultimate solution. Use mandatory content reads and mobile push notifications to make sure every employee sees the latest news the moment it breaks.

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Informa brings international divisions together using a single digital workplace

Create a culture of trust

Too many financial services enterprises overlook the importance of culture, and as a result, employer branding takes a hit. Combat the broad sense of skepticism many large institutions face by cultivating a workplace environment that empowers and inspires you people. Create a platform that sets the tone for your corporate culture by emphasizing your missions and values. Take it a step further by encouraging your employees to raise their voice in a social space that encourages networking.

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Unlock next-level efficiency

Your employees don’t have time to waste looking for information or emailing several contacts to pinpoint their desired collaborator. Pave the way for peak productivity by launching a platform that makes it easy for your users to initiate cross-functional collaboration. Through your user profile directory, powerful search features, integrations with external systems you can create one place for knowledge exchange to flourish. 

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Create better partnerships

Whether you’re preparing for a merger or launching a new partnership, your network extends far beyond your full-time staff. Make sure everyone can access the insights and resources they need by launching a security-trimmed extranet or portal that centralizes shared resources, while keeping confidential records private.

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Connect your frontline

Whether they’re making a sale or preparing for a trade, arm your frontline with the tools and communications pathways they need to succeed. A mobile responsive platform will empower every employee to take full advantage of their knowledgebase and connect with their colleagues, whether they are at their desk or on the trade floor.

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Finance Intranet FAQs

What is the financial intranet?

A financial intranet is a private network within an organization. It’s a form of ​​collaboration software for financial companies that provides secure internal access to financial information, tools, and resources. A finance intranet serves as a centralized platform for employees to access financial data, applications, and communication channels specific to their company's financial operations.

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What is the use of an intranet in banking?

Financial enterprise intranets play a vital role in banking, serving multiple purposes. They keep employees informed by delivering department-specific financial data and news, ensuring everyone stays up to date. These intranet software solutions also promote connectivity among employees, by incorporating social features. These features help to foster a sense of connection and collaboration between physically disconnected colleagues.

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What are the benefits of an intranet for financial institutions?

An intranet acts as a digital workplace for financial services and offers several benefits to financial institutions. Reliable intranet software financial services can capitalize on offer advantages like:

  • Improved internal communication
  • Streamlined document management
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Centralized access to information
  • Strengthened security and compliance
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Efficient knowledge sharing
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Do banks use intranets?

Many banks use intranets to give their employees an easy-to-access centralized platform that provides everything they need to do their job efficiently. Unily offers an enterprise intranet solution to banks and financial organizations like Santander, Mr. Cooper, and Informa.

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How is the intranet helpful in corporate finance?

Corporate finance requires all employees to have up-to-date financial data available to them, at all times. This can be achieved through the use of an enterprise intranet, which can feed specific departments information exactly when they need it. It also enables employees to stay informed and engaged by allowing them to follow and delve into specific topics of interest outside of their own department.

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What is the difference between an intranet and a digital workspace?

An intranet is an internal digital platform designed to enhance communication and provide access to company information and data. For example, financial intranets include digital tools that present the latest financial news to employees that need to see it. 

In contrast, a digital workspace encompasses every digital tool utilized by employees or a company. While an intranet may be a component of a digital workspace, the reverse is not necessarily true.

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What is an example of digital transformation for financial services?

A financial intranet is one example of digital transformation for financial services. It has reinvented the ways finance companies operate - bringing together employees from every department, all around the world, into one central platform where collaboration is encouraged. With mandatory content reads and push notifications, the latest news or compliance updates can be sent to any employee who needs to view them.

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What software is used for collaboration in the finance sector?

The use of specialized intranet software for financial institutions is highly recommended as it offers an effective solution for improving collaboration within the finance sector. Most offer features like secure document sharing, version control, and task management. They serve as a centralized platform, enabling efficient collaboration, streamlined communication, and enhanced productivity within the finance industry.

Some finance-specific intranets can seamlessly integrate with other financial tools and software, providing easy-to-access financial data, analytics, and reporting systems. With their tailored features and ability to centralize resources, intranets are incredibly useful for collaborating across teams and departments.

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