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Streamline the employee onboarding experience for everyone, everywhere

Virtually integrate new hires with a comprehensive employee onboarding strategy. Connect your virtual workforce, office workers, and frontline employees to deliver remote onboarding that brings everyone up to speed. Utilize next-generation digital tools alongside a strategic approach to ensure all new starters receive a warm welcome, have access to all relevant information, and can hit the ground running. Optimize your employee experience from day one with our enterprise onboarding software.



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Go the extra mile by pre-boarding

Lay the groundwork for a flawless first week with an employee portal designed for great employee experience. With advanced employee journeys functionality, map out the entire onboarding experience for your new hires with dynamic enrolment based on location, department, title and more. Ensure relevant resources, training, and critical HR documentation can be accessed even before your new hire’s first day. Pre-boarding offers new hires a glimpse into the work they’ll be doing, who they'll be working with, and gets the admin ticked off, ensuring they can get up and running as soon as their first day begins.

Employee Journeys

Centralize all resources

Gone are the days when new hires need to speak to their desk mate whenever they have a question. Reduce stress levels associated with an overwhelming onboarding process by utilizing the platform's intuitive rules engine to do the heavy lifting for team leaders. Automatically enroll employees into the right communications, bundle together essential resources and training materials, and reduce unnecessary searching through countless digital databases for org charts, HR documents, and more. Provide all the employee onboarding information they need in one place and utilize an employee experience platform that intuitively guides new hires to the resources they need as they need to see them.

Knowledge Management

Lean into Video

Whether they’ll be frontline, head office, hybrid or remote, onboarding employees requires a speedy setup. Help them learn the ins and outs of your organization with digestible and engaging video content, that can be captioned and translated for your global enterprise. Engage new hires with video webinars, virtual conference calls, and one-on-one catch-ups. Provide new employees with a behind-the-scenes view into the work they’ll be undertaking, and pair them with an onboarding team member in a similar role. Fuel the conversation through an employee platform that values creating culture in the workplace, helping workers feel welcome from day one, forging new connections, and developing authentic dialogues.

  • "We wanted an enhanced intranet platform at Baker Hughes, which would improve our ability to communicate with our employees in real-time and in new ways. We have engaged Unily to help our employees navigate through change and drive results globally."

    Stephanie Hartgrove - VP Global Communications at Baker Hughes
  • "People want short, quick, real-time communications. That didn't exist before, today it's instant."

    David Harrington - Vice President Internal Communications at Shell
  • "The Unily platform allows our employees to access relevant content more quickly, choose how and when they stay informed and take advantage of opportunities to collaborate more effectively with colleagues."

    Carly Nankin - Head of Internal Communications and Engagement at Cathay Pacific

Keep new hires in the know

Timely updates are crucial for every employee, especially new hires. Avoid potential information gaps by delivering personalized role and region-specific content whenever it's needed. Targeted intranet homepages can be catered to new starters at every stage of their journey. Gradually introduce additional information; from guides about creating their user profile, to tutorials on setting up various systems. Foster effective learning with automated, tailored emails delivered to new hires when it is time for them to take the next step on their journey. Reach frontline and traveling employees with mandatory reading alerts sent directly to their mobile devices. Ensure everyone knows what's going on, even if they aren’t frequent platform users.

Seek out feedback

Ensure your employee onboarding strategies are watertight by seeking feedback from new hires about your onboarding processes. Use personal or anonymized forms, polls or quizzes to ensure even those newest employees feel comfortable giving feedback. Create compelling surveys and distribute them to targeted audiences, gaining specific insight into your training protocols from those most familiar with them. Utilize live polls to get insight into the entire company's thoughts on a particular topic. Harness a user-friendly content management system with drag-and-drop form creation to quickly create feedback forms. Analyze the data you receive to quickly optimize your employee onboarding experience.

Create a unified vision

Extend onboarding beyond just new hires. When moving your enterprise to our employee experience platform, Unily’s onboarding team can collaborate with you to create a unified vision that aligns with your business's specific goals. From signature to launch, onboarding reps will be with you every step of the way. Navigate the complexities of launching a new solution with the backing of a skilled team. Receive a roadmap for the future, setting your enterprise up for success. Access the customer portal — Universe — for ongoing guidance and inspiration. Deliver an engaging employee onboarding experience to every employee, from new hires to experienced team members.

Intranet Onboarding

Employee onboarding insights

Employee Onboarding FAQs

What is employee onboarding software?

Employee onboarding software can refer to digital tools or online platforms that streamline new hire onboarding processes through the use of automation and digital solutions. It can assist in managing tasks such as paperwork completion, training sessions, policy acknowledgment, and other essential steps in the onboarding process.

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How do you do digital onboarding?

Digital employee onboarding involves using technology like enterprise onboarding software to facilitate the integration of new employees into an organization. This can include electronic forms for documentation, online training modules, video orientations, virtual meetings, and digital communication tools to ensure a smooth transition for remote or in-person employees. It is particularly useful for onboarding remote employees, who can access the software from anywhere without needing to be in physical proximity to the office or training staff. This helps deliver an exhaustive employee onboarding experience that gets everyone up to speed efficiently.

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What is an example of digital onboarding?

One example of digital employee onboarding is when a new hire receives a broadcast email with links to complete their paperwork and training electronically. This may be followed by access to an enterprise onboarding software portal containing interactive training modules. New hires might also have a video call with their manager for an introduction to the team and the company culture.

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What are the problems with remote onboarding?

Remote onboarding can present challenges due to the lack of in-person interactions. Some problems include potential feelings of isolation for new hires, difficulties in building personal connections with colleagues, possible technical issues hindering the onboarding process, and communication barriers that might arise in a virtual environment.

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How long does the digital employee onboarding process usually take?

The duration of the digital employee onboarding process can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the role, the organization's industry, and the extent of the onboarding program. On average, a digital or remote onboarding process can range from a few days to a few weeks.

The use of enterprise onboarding software, like Unily, can expedite specific tasks, such as electronic document submission and online training modules, which can contribute to a more efficient process. However, the specific timeframe will also depend on how comprehensively the organization wants to introduce the new employee to its culture, policies, and procedures.

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What are the 4 Cs of employee onboarding?

The "4 C's of employee Onboarding" framework highlights four key elements for a successful onboarding process. These elements are:

  • Compliance: This requires enterprises to ensure that new employees adhere to and fully understand the legal requirements, procedures, and policies of their new company. It involves providing information about codes of conduct, safety regulations, data security protocols, and other relevant compliance-related matters.
  • Clarification: Employers must ensure that their new employees understand their role, the expectations that come with it, and their responsibilities. This includes explaining how their role fits into the broader organizational structure and how their work contributes to the company's goals.
  • Culture: Integrating new employees into the company's culture is crucial for fostering a sense of belonging and engagement. This requires effectively conveying the company's values, mission, vision, and overall workplace culture.
  • Connection: This includes facilitating interactions with colleagues, mentors, supervisors, and other team members. Strong connections can help alleviate feelings of isolation and encourage collaboration.

These elements can be achieved for remote, hybrid, frontline, and office workers by implementing enterprise onboarding software, like Unily.

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