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Unily integrates with ServiceNow to give users overviews of open incidents and tickets and the ability to search across knowledge bases within Unily.

Optimize employee experiences with ServiceNow

ServiceNow is the workflow management tool trusted by enterprises around the world to connect people, functions, and systems and modernize operations.

Unily and ServiceNow integrate to deliver a seamless single pane of glass intranet experience that empowers employees to find and access the information they need when they need it. Integrated widgets and knowledge bases save users time by optimizing paths to tools and information and bring all your enterprise’s knowledge into one place.

My Incidents Rollup

ServiceNow workflows help to create modern, efficient IT service experiences, allowing enterprises to manage incidents and prevent issues to save up to 66% in effort per incident for IT departments. Pulling this information through into your Unily platform helps take these productivity gains even further by making it quicker and easier for employees to access ServiceNow tickets and knowledge.

Unily’s ServiceNow integration includes plug-and-play installation of the My Incidents Rollup widget, which pulls users’ open tickets directly into the intranet, making it the perfect addition to an IT helpdesk site. Users can even search across tickets for their own all from within the My Incidents Rollup widget.

Service now incidents

ServiceNow Knowledge Search

Unily’s deep integrations with ServiceNow allow users to surface resources from your knowledge base within the Unily environment, saving time by eliminating the need to switch systems. Unily’s global search and unified search center pull data stored across all integrated third-party systems directly from your intranet, so information from ServiceNow is made easily accessible.

Unily’s ServiceNow Knowledge Search finds information no matter where it lives, bringing all enterprise knowledge into one searchable location.

Service Now Knowledge base

Break down knowledge silos

Knowledge and insights stored in separate systems inevitably lead to knowledge silos, preventing employees from accessing the information they need to do their best work. Unily’s unified search center helps empower employees by bringing this information into one searchable place.

Available from the Feature Store, Unily’s ServiceNow integrations also allow users to create wiki-style knowledge bases that aggregate resources and information in one place. Employees can search across this wiki from within your Unily platform, helping to overcome knowledge silos by making information findable.

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