Introducing plug and play intranet integrations with Unily's Feature Store

With the introduction of the all-new intranet Feature Store, Unily takes the pain out of the complex integration process, so you can enjoy the productivity gains of a connected digital workplace without any of the resource-intensive development.

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Say hello to the integrated digital workplace

Integrating separate systems is no small task. Tying together two independent applications into one experience, with all their nuances and complexities, typically requires extensive developer resources and specialist knowledge. Until now...

Delivering an integrated digital workplace experience is now a business priority. With the transition to remote work well underway, employees are now more reliant than ever on workplace technology to access colleagues, information, and business systems. Where the intranet has always strived to be the home of the digital workplace, there have been longstanding barriers to achieving this vision of the ‘true hub’. 

Now, with the introduction of the Feature Store and pre-configured integrations, the dream of a truly connected workplace is closer to becoming a reality.

What is the Feature Store?

The Feature Store is an intranet ‘app store’ that enables plug and play installation of pre-configured, community-driven features. Taking inspiration from the consumer playbook, Unily has developed its own intranet Feature Store to simplify the delivery of powerful experiences and increase the agility of enterprises to react and respond to change, fast.

What are pre-configured integrations?

The Feature Store supports the simple installation of light-touch integrations with key business systems including, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and ServiceNow. Platform owners can now unite their technology landscape by bringing information from external applications into the intranet or employee experience platform to deliver a seamless digital workplace experience.

3 Feature Store integrations that drive productivity

Simplifying complex integrations saves time for users, developers, and intranet owners, as every point of pain is taken out of the equation. Combining two independent systems is reduced down to its simplest form with plug and play installation. Simply pick the integration you want, fill out a few fields of information, and click install. With the Feature Store, implementing new intranet features is now a matter of minutes, not months.

Putting productivity into the pipeline with Salesforce integration 

Unily’s Salesforce search integration brings access to your entire Salesforce CRM database from within your digital workplace, creating a truly centralized knowledge hub. This integration gives users the ability to search for and access Salesforce accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities from within Unily’s unified search center. 

Key benefits:

  • Drives productivity by reducing time spent jumping between systems 
  • Delivers a consistent user experience, branded to your enterprise
  • Is mobile optimized so your sales team can check their latest wins on the go
salesforce integration

Consistent interfaces drive efficiency with ServiceNow integration 

Unily's plug and play ServiceNow integration gives users the ability to roll up tickets, to search tickets, and to search all ServiceNow knowledge bases. ServiceNow is a leading cloud computing platform that helps global enterprises manage digital workflows.

Unily’s ServiceNow knowledge base integration boosts productivity by pulling data into Unily’s global search. This allows users to search through their entire ServiceNow database directly from within Unily, saving time and increasing efficiency through consistent, unified user experiences.

Key benefits:

  • Increased visibility of tickets: your people can view them straight away on their Unily homepage
  • Quick link to raise incidents: add to your homepage or group landing page, to quickly start the raise incidents journey
  • Centralized access to knowledge: puts knowledge in context, so you can link up ServiceNow knowledge with your other content and share with your contacts
ServiceNow integration

Never miss out on crucial comms with 'share to Microsoft Teams'

A study from the Institute for Corporate Productivity found that companies that promoted collaborative working were 5 times as likely to be high performing. With the true value of collaboration clear to see, Microsoft Teams has become a staple of the modern workplace. For global enterprises during the COVID-19 pandemic, Teams’ collaboration technology has proven a lifeline, keeping people connected whether working from home, in the office, or halfway across the world.

With Unily’s Microsoft Teams integration, content from your intranet can be shared directly to your colleagues through Teams, bolstering multi-channel communications. Unily’s integration with Microsoft Teams strengthen connections between communication channels, so keeping everyone in the loop is easier than ever.

Key benefits:

  • Users don’t miss important comms: your people can share the latest company news to Microsoft Teams with one click
  • Wider reach of comms – accommodating channels users like to use
  • Keeps people connected when they’re remote working: creating more opportunities for connections to be made
share article to teams

Could your enterprise benefit from a more integrated digital workplace?

To find out more how the Feature Store can drive efficiency and experience at your enterprise, get in touch for a free demo today.


Intranet agility 101: Introducing the Feature Store

The world is changing, and fast. Our ability to react quickly to changing circumstances is fundamental to the future success of every business. More often than not, an enterprise's technology investments will dictate how agile the organization can be to change. With that in mind, we debut our latest product innovation: an all-new feature store model to upgrade intranet agility further than we thought possible.

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