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In the aftermath of the global pandemic, the hospitality industry is approaching a new era. This next chapter will be defined by evolving consumer expectations and the ongoing growth of digital technology to maximize satisfaction and safety. Unily works with some of the biggest hospitality brands in the world, helping them to deliver employee experiences that will build a foundation for the future. Discover how to arm your workforce with the tools needed to create unparalleled consumer experiences.


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Cultivate global connections

With employees in so many locations, it’s essential to create a culture of unification and encourage employee engagement. Take advantage of your employee experience platform to break down silos between your head office staff and the frontline teams. Leverage your intranet’s user profile directory to create a sense of togetherness and help with identity management for casual and seasonal staff.

Frontline hospitality employee

Set your frontline up for success

Your workforce is mobile by default. Between a predominantly deskless workforce and teams that are remote or spread around the world, ensuring critical news reaches your entire enterprise can be challenging. A mobile responsive intranet empowers your users to access updates and ensures every team member can read and comment on the latest news items, wherever they are in the world.

Hospitality intranet notifications and staff working in a hotel

Maximize the relevancy of your comms

With a diverse workforce, creating a comms strategy that feels personalized isn’t always easy. Your frontline teams likely have very different interests and priorities than their colleagues in corporate. How can you make sure everyone engages with your messaging? Leverage your intranet platform to target content to employees based on their role and region, ensuring that all users see the information that is most relevant to their unique position first.

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Tottenham Hotspur unites their team with a Unily intranet

Streamline collaboration

Whether your employees are serving customers or processing orders, hospitality workers are notoriously busy. Build the foundation for peak productivity by ensuring every employee can efficiently use the systems they need from one place. Turn your intranet into a single source of truth, so everyone from frontline casual workers to head office team leaders can access the tools and resources they need to work together in a collaborative way.

Mobile intranet

Get everyone up to speed

With a large proportion of your workforce being seasonal or casual staff, keeping everyone in the loop with the latest updates and information can be tricky. Leverage your intranet platform for powerful search functionality and quick document surfacing, ensuring all your staff can equip themselves with the most up to date processes. Enhance the knowledgebase of your entire organization and close any skills gaps quickly.

Make partners feel welcomed

Creating a sense of belonging is at the heart of what you do. Make sure your partners feel as welcomed as your customers do by launching an extranet or portal. This platform will make it easy to share updates and data with third-party partners, while keeping your confidential records secure.

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Hospitality Intranet FAQs

What is an intranet in the hospitality industry?

In the hospitality industry, the most common form of intranet encountered is an intranet for hotels. It is an internal communications platform that can be used as an employee engagement solution for hospitality businesses.

This is possible because it improves the communication capabilities between colleagues. Happier and more connected employees often provide a better customer experience. Implementing a hospitality intranet also allows for reports, business processes, and expert insights to be instantly available to any employee, at any time.

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Why is employee engagement important in the hospitality industry?

Employees in the hospitality industry are often spread around the world, and at risk of becoming disconnected from one another. Improving employee engagement is necessary if employers want to create a truly connected working environment. This connectivity also allows employers to send the latest news and important information to all of their employees, which promotes engagement. This keeps the entire workforce up to date and ready to address any customer concerns.  

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How do you engage employees in the hospitality industry?

Employers in the hospitality industry can engage their employees by creating a workplace that encourages collaboration. An excellent way to do this is to provide employees with the means to connect with their peers. An intranet for hotels, like Unily offers, is the solution to this. 

For example, Unily creates a social hub where employees can follow certain topics or colleagues. They may get involved in polls and leaderboards and gain a real sense of being part of a community. As a result, organizations can instantly improve their employee communications. Hospitality thrives on effective information sharing and collaboration within the industry and workforce.

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Why is an intranet platform useful for hotels?

Hotels may make use of an intranet platform for several reasons. The motivations may include centralized communication, document sharing, collaboration, and task management capabilities. Maintenance staff, hotel managers, housekeepers, and other employees can tap into a single repository of knowledge, wherever they are. 

Any intranet platform hotels utilize must enable efficient coordination between departments. This helps facilitate the sharing of important resources and procedures, which vastly improves staff productivity. An intranet solution for hospitality can improve internal communications for hotels by serving as a hub for news and announcements.

This can also help foster employee engagement and encourage feedback with social features like polls and leaderboards. An intranet for hotels may even host training materials and support shift scheduling and leave management.

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