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Black Reach Icon Reach


News, Announcements, Events Included
Commenting, Custom Reactions, @Mentioning, #Hashtags Included
Personalized, Targeted and Recommended Content Included
Following Sites and Content Included
Notifications Included
Mandatory Content Included


User Profiles with Following Included
Organization Charts Included
Synchronize Data Included
People Directories Included
User Insights Included


Image Galleries with AI Image Tagging Included
Integrated Stock Image Library Included
Video with AI Transcription Included
Documents, Libraries and Document Explorer Included


Multilingual Included
AI Machine Translation Included


Drag and Drop Page Designer Included
Content Views and Templates Included
Front End Content Creation Included
Audience and Device Impersonation Included
Content Scheduling and Approval Workflow Included
Content Review Lifecycle Included
Rollback and Auditing Included
Permissions Included
Publishing Calendar Included


Forms, Polls, Surveys and Quizes Included
Automation Included
Integrated Forms Included
Data Export Included

Enterprise IA

Targeted Homepages and Navigation Included
Sites, Private Sites and Site Theming Included

Employee App

iOS and Android Apps Included
Offline Reading Included


Unified Search Center Included
Contextual Filters and Refiners Included
Behaviour and Relevancy Controls Included


OOTB Dashboards Included
Adoption Reports and Performance Benchmarking Included


External Sites Included
External User Invites and Social Identities Included
Co-Branded Sites Included

Feature Store

Community-Driven Widgets Included
Site and Page Templates Included
FAQ Portals and Locations Directory Included
Email Templates - Clients with Engage Included
Pre-configured Campaigns - Clients with Amplify Included
Integration with Productivity Tools - Microsoft and Google Included

Black Engage Icon Engage


Public and Private Social Channels Included
Following Included
Media and Video Posts Included
Prohibited Words Included

Reward and Recognition

Top Down Badges With Points Included
Peer To Peer Kudos With Points Included
Recognition Leaderboards Included

Broadcast Emails

Personalized and Targeted Emails Included
Email Templates with Drag and Drop Designer Included
Emails Dynamically Connected to Content Included
Scheduled Emails Included
Performance and Metrics Included

Premium Store

Premium Experiences and Apps Included
Ideation Portal Included
Employee Advocacy Included


Integrated Widgets and Experiences Included
Integrated Search Included
Integrated Social - Yammer Included

Black Amplify Icon Amplify

Communication Campaigns

Comms Scheduling and Automated Publication Included
Multi-Channel Comms Delivery across EXP, Email and Mobile Included
Integrated Comms Delivery via Teams and Slack Included
Conditional Prompts and Reminders to Drive Engagement Included
Campaign Engagement Scoring Included

Employee Journeys

Personalized Journeys with Dynamic Enrolment Included
Guided Experiences with Intelligent Goals and Milestones Included
Consumer-grade Journey Execution with Popups and Emails Included
Integrated Journey Messaging via Teams and Slack Included
Individual Journey Progress and Engagement Reporting Included

Black Extend Icon Extend

Extensibility Framework

Custom Content Types Included
CSS, Less and JavaScript Included
Unily Graph and API Access Included
Queries and Templates Included
Custom Integrations Included
Custom Form Components Included

Developer Framework

CSS, Less and JavaScript Included
Unily Graph and API Access Included
Queries and Templates Included
Custom Integrations Included
Custom Form Components Included
Developer Sandbox Included
Developer Guides Included

All Modules


User Data Sync Included
Multiple IDP Connectors Included
WCAG 2.1 AA Accessibility Included
Microservices Included
Unily Graph Included
Analytics Included

Security Information

ISO 27001:2013 Certification

SOC 2 (Service Organization Control) Certification
GDPR Compliant Included
Data Encryption Included
Penetration Tested and Certified Included
Intrusion Detection System Included
Continuous Backups Included
Data Domicile Options Included
IP Allow Listing Included
Geo Blocking\Allowing Included

Services Information

Onboarding Included
Customer Success Included
Support Included
Customer community designed to drive maximum user adoption and business value
Training and Guides Included
Community Events Included
Exclusive Thought Leadership Included
Customer Social Communities Included
Platform Ideation Included

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