Unite 19

NEW YORK — APRIL 24-25. Unlock your business potential.

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UNITE 19. What to expect.

Unily is excited to announce an industry-first and a Unily-first; Unite 19, the Unily digital workplace conference. Having spent the last 11 years earning a reputation as a leader in the digital workplace arena, Unily is thrilled to be hosting its first conference, in which we bring the most influential people in the field of workplace technology together to tackle critical questions that are deciding the future of our industry.

Over the last decade, we have seen rapid innovations transform the enterprise technology landscape. Unily has been at the center of this digital revolution, supporting our extraordinary clients in unlocking a new culture of work. This year, we are celebrating the growth of the industry, the growth of our customers and the growth of Unily.

Unite 19 is an opportunity to review the journey up to this point and set out a vision for the future. What will the digital workplace of tomorrow look like? Let us show you.


Rub shoulders with the best of the best in workplace technology.

Inspirational Speakers

Hear from mavericks in the field and re-think the possible.

Best Practices

Get close and personal with the best intranet projects from around the globe.

Deep Dives

Dive into the key themes that are shaking up the digital workplace space.

Design Labs

Expert guidance on achieving the ultimate intranet design.

Inside Scoops

Be the first to know what's going on behind the scenes.


Ten rounds. Two fists. Zero experience necessary.


The party of the decade packed full of surprises.

SPEAKERS. Masters and mavericks to engage and inspire.

Unite 19 is about dancing on the fringes of the possible, which is why we've invited some of the most unconventional thinkers and influential speakers to inspire our vision of tomorrow. As well as Unily's brightest and best, Unite 19 will host a selection of inspiring and eccentric speakers set to re-write our approach to the digital workplace.

Additional speakers to be announced...

Seth Godin
Entrepreneur, best-selling author and speaker.

Kara Pernice
Senior Vice President at Nielsen Norman Group.

Tony Sanchez
Corporate Systems Business Partnership Manager at Mars.

Elyse Langenegger
Head of Internal Communications at Flight Centre.

Bill Klein
Communication Operations Lead at Micron.

Jim Parker
Web & Collaboration Services Manager at Hexion.

Den Carter
Colleague Communications at British Airways.

Travis Gregory
Associate Director, Corporate and Government Affairs IT at Biogen.

Steven Yong
Programme Manager at Cathay Pacific Airways.

Will Saville
Co-Founder at Unily.

Paul Seda
Solutions Architect at Unily.

Martyn Perks
Head of Customer Insight at Unily.

Hannah Unsworth
Global Head of Customer Engagement at Unily.

Sam Hassani
Chief Technology Officer at Unily.

Matthew Boyd
Product Evangelist at Unily.

LEARN. What will you take away?

Whether you're an internal communications executive, IT guru, HR extraordinaire or simply have an interest in intranets and the world of digital workplaces, our diverse agenda ensures learning opportunities for all with content suited to players from every sector and discipline.

The last decade has seen monumental shifts take place that have transformed the digital workplace and changed how we think of intranets. Over the course of this transformation, key themes have emerged. Words like collaboration, Artificial Intelligence, engagement and productivity have been thrown around with such enthusiasm that they have almost lost their meaning. This is an opportunity to re-establish and redefine these vital terms, and come to a collective agreement about what we mean by them and how we're going to use them to achieve tangible results.

Through deep dives, interactive sessions, design labs and panel discussions, we will explore these ideas in depth and unpick the intricacies of each so we can move forward with a united vision. By pooling our knowledge and sharing our ideas, we will push the boundaries of our industry even further and achieve unprecedented and extraordinary results.

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STAY. Moxy, FiDi.

Break out your bag of tricks at Moxy NYC Downtown, the Financial District’s new go-to for thrills and delight. Get drawn in by the monster-sized virtual LED wall and get down to partying in 5,000 square feet of adult play space.

With its ultimate #livingroomvibes, every night is a house party at Moxy NYC Downtown, complete with music, arcade games, cocktails and elevated bar bites. Ready for an after party? Downtown Manhattan and nearby Brooklyn offer a number of possibilities for a New York night to remember.

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PARTY. Like it's 1985.

It wouldn't be a Unily event without a night to remember, so brace yourself to return to the 80s - no perms required. After a day spent focusing on innovation and the future, we thought it would only be appropriate to take a moment to embrace the past. Break out your Rubix cube, refamiliarize yourself with your walkman; our 80s extravaganza is an opportunity to return to times less complicated and party like it's 1985. Hosted at the Malt House in FiDi, join us for food, drinks and power ballads all. night. long. Oh, and you can leave your costumes at home - some things are better left in the past.

WORKOUT. Let's Rumble.

Ever heard of a teardrop style, water-filled punch bag? You have now. RUMBLE is the unorthodox boxing class favored by Hollywood's elite. Founded by four free-thinking entrepreneurs with a desire to shake up stale norms in the fitness world, this is the boxing class like no other. In their own words, it doesn’t take itself too seriously but still delivers incredible results.

This April, do as the New Yorkers do and get acquainted with a proper Manhattan workout. Ten rounds. Two fists. Zero Experience Necessary.

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AGENDA. Two days to ignite your imagination.

Presenting two days of exclusive content, inspiring speakers, expert guidance, interactive sessions, networking opportunities and BIG reveals.

Genius Bar available all day during the event.



Deep Dive


* Agenda subject to change.

THE PITCH. Convince your boss.

We know you don't want to miss out on the biggest digital workplace event of the year so we've put together a breakdown to help secure buy-in from the top.


This is an exclusive opportunity to rub shoulders with the best of the best in the field of enterprise technology. With a combined revenue of multiple billions, our customers are the leaders in digital workplace technology and our staff are the experts that guide their projects to successful completion. What better way to grow and develop than to learn from the people who do it best?

Maximum value

Justifying attendance means justifying value and with Unite, that's easy. This isn't just another speaking session or masterclass, this is a pivotal moment in the digital workplace space. Just as Unily have been pioneering the digital workplace movement up until this point, this is yet another milestone in our collective journey. To be part of the conversation, you need to be present. And if you're not? Come and find us when you catch up.


All our attendees will come with different personal goals. We recognize this and we've curated an agenda to facilitate diverse learning opportunities suited to players from every sector and discipline. If you're a tech wizard, we've got the greatest tech minds from across the globe. A communication professional? We've got Seth Godin (say no more)! Whether it's AI, collaboration, culture, communication or design you're interested in, our rich agenda is designed to shed new light on every facet of our weird and wonderful industry.


Sometimes clinching the 'yes' means playing to leadership interests. That means identifying your business' current focus and demonstrating how what you want to do meets that specific need. At Unite, we will be hosting interactive sessions with the brightest minds in the digital workplace arena, giving you exclusive access to tailored guidance that solves your problems there and then. No emails, no phone calls, just one room filled with all the people and all the answers.

VENUE. FiDi - New York.

You can't host an avant-garde event at an average venue.

FiDi’s newest, most stylish event venue is a one-of-a-kind event space worthy of a groundbreaking conference. Spanning over 6,300 square feet across 5 rooms, it's as if The Mezzanine has been built just for us. A modern and versatile main room is supplemented by three breakout rooms on hand to host our intensive interactive sessions. Set in New York's revered financial district, this inspiring backdrop is the cherry on top of a seriously indulgent cake.

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