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Institute a Google-search experience in your enterprise with global search, Unily’s unified search center. Cut through the noise by unifying content and data in one place, no matter where it lives. Help employees browse different types of content, including social posts and internal comms articles, with a level of visual consistency that ensures the results are immediately understood. Utilize effortlessly configurable filters and refiners that narrow the results of their intranet search in seconds. Drive productivity and innovation by making company knowledge more accessible than ever before with an enterprise search intranet.


Bring knowledge together with a single accessible platform, through unified search. Ensure employees can easily find relevant documentation with content governance. Configurable item templates mean they have complete control over the design of their results, ensuring relevant knowledge is presented in a way that is quick and easy to digest.

Knowledge Management Software


Give your employees the tools to find what they need, whenever they need it. Supercharge productivity by reducing time wasted looking for information across disparate sources. Fine-tune relevancy settings to maximize search effectiveness. Achieve granular control over digital workplace search criteria, by ranking the importance of different properties. Save time and promote productivity gains with an intelligent intranet search that scours the entire workplace in moments.

Productivity & Collaboration

Save time & money. See a proven ROI for your business.

The introduction of global search has seen search usefulness improve by 300%.

53% of colleagues save more than 30 minutes a week with platform search. 97% of staff say their EXP keeps them informed.

Employees save an average of 82 seconds per task with search in 2020, equating to $42 million saved annually in productivity gains.

Saw their unified search center achieve several use-cases in one feature; Helping employees find information, collaborate with colleagues and improved content viewership by 230%.

Saw an 88% reduction in emails and a significant productivity boost since launch by providing Air Hub, a searchable directory for resources and information.


The entire CMS is open. Search the intranet back and front end, while keeping available information relevant only to those that need to see it. Find information on the go with the mobile app, with one search bar that connects every knowledge repository. See results almost instantaneously, whether you use the mobile app or desktop search. Both are just as powerful as the other. Find the answers you need, wherever you are.


Every piece of information your employees receive is relevant to them. Unily’s AI-based smart workplace search ensures only the information most relevant to their role or department surfaces. Multilingual assets ensure the resulting content is translated into a language your employees feel most comfortable using. Developers can configure search results to be based on role and region, ensuring only personalized information makes its way to your employees. Bring relevant insights to the forefront.


Say goodbye to documents stored across multiple applications. Say hello to a manageable data center accessible through one powerful intranet search. Integrations with applications like ServiceNow, SharePoint, and SalesForce give employees the ability to search across knowledge bases. Connect external data sources with Unily’s integration framework. Whether your employees are searching through a ServiceNow wiki or contracts stored in Salesforce, information can be assessed through one central hub.

Intranet Integrations

Intranet search FAQs

What is an intranet search engine?

An intranet search engine is a pivotal component of internal knowledge management. It facilitates seamless information retrieval within an organization's intranet. It also plays a key role in enhancing the overall employee experience, by improving productivity.

A competent intranet search engine does this by reducing the time employees spend searching for information across multiple applications, by creating one unified search repository.

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How can I improve my intranet search engine?

Improving your intranet search engine involves continuous refinement and optimization. However, you may be using legacy technology that has no place in the modern workplace. Instead, consider leveraging employee experience platforms (EXPs) that go beyond basic search functionalities. These platforms, designed to enhance the overall workplace experience, offer advanced features for improved search accuracy, content updates, and user feedback incorporation.

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What problems does an intranet solve?

An intranet and employee experience platform addresses many problems companies have with storing and finding content and knowledge. They serve as a solution to information silos, communication bottlenecks, and inefficiencies with collaboration. EXP's foster connectivity and engagement throughout the workforce by keeping all the information an employee might need right at their fingertips.

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How do I access an intranet search engine?

Accessing an intranet or digital workplace search engine is typically accomplished by logging in to the organization's intranet platform. This may be done through a desktop or a mobile device. Access is secure and relevant to the user, and integrated authentication and permission protocols ensure a reliable and efficient intranet search experience.

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