Employee Journeys

Enhance engagement with seamless journeys for every stage of the employee lifecycle

Design and sequence intuitive, structured journeys that elevate the employee experience and enable your people at every stage of their careers. Craft coherent journeys that weave disjointed content into a seamless narrative, taking your people from where they are, to where they need to be. Be there for the moments that matter from onboarding to upskilling and use flawless targeting and enrolment capabilities to put everyone on the right page at the right time.


  • Baker Hughes

    "The journeys automation feature has helped us out as it's a repeatable process that we've now easily replicated for each new content manager. This new campaign functionality has made the onboarding process so much simpler than before."

    Peter Gobran - Intranet Platform Manager at Baker Hughes
  • "People want short, quick, real-time communications. That didn't exist before, today it's instant."

    David Harrington - Vice President Internal Communications at Shell
  • "By providing this new, mobile Unily intranet solution to our 44,000 colleagues, we are helping them to connect and communicate more effectively, which ultimately means a more consistent, high-quality service delivered to customers."

    Drew McMillan - Director of Colleague Communication and Engagement at British Airways


Design meaningful experiences that utilize rich content across your employee experience platform. Leverage knowledge articles, news, consumer-grade popups or intuitive quizzes across a cohesive journey that’s uniquely tailored to your audience for maximum impact. Guide your people with exactly the right information at the right time whether it's for onboarding, performance reviews, parental leave, or more.

Internal communications tool

Integrated messaging across all channels

Elevate engagement and drive progress by leveraging every channel to meet your people wherever they are. Send emails or push notifications to mobile, deliver teams or slack messages, and trigger relevant pop-ups at exactly the right moment. Cascade content from one, central hub to reach every user, every step of the way, no matter how they like to connect.

Targeting content to audiences


Enrol people on journeys using our powerful and highly configurable functionality. Take advantage of already existing employee segmentation such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD) groups to automatically enrol employees and remove the guesswork. Seamlessly target audiences and automatically add new users into relevant journeys using a single source of truth People Directory. Our dynamic enrolment will segment your audience and combine dozens of profile properties, so recurring journeys can be reliably pre-configured ahead of time.

Enrolment rules


Measuring impact is made easy with Unily’s intelligent engagement goals that show you at-a-glance whether your journey is delivering results. Bring structure to journeys with intuitive milestones and steps that guide employees toward key goals and incentivize progress. Let Unily automatically define what high engagement looks like across content or assets you can reuse over time. Our real-time tracking against intelligent content goals will allow you to take informed action to optimize performance.

Intelligent engagement goals

Empowering journey insights

Evaluate trends and drill into detailed metrics to benchmark your full suite of journeys. Understand which elements of your journey are performing best, quickly identify which channels are making the biggest splash, and fine-tune your journeys to optimize their impact. Let our journeys functionality drive the analytical insights, so you can focus on making every moment matter.

Empowering journey insights

Follow every individual’s journey

Get to know your people on a personal level. Uncover individual journey insights to gain a deeper understanding of the journeys your people are going on. Intuitively sequence additional content or reminders where they need a helping hand towards completing their journey.

Follow every individual’s journey

Employee Journeys FAQs

What are employee journeys?

Employee Journeys are a sequence of moments that matter across the employee lifecycle with hyper-personalized, multi-channel experiences to enable your people with the right content at the right time. Some examples of employee journeys include pre-boarding for new recruits, cultural campaigns to embed values, or upskilling pathways to foster development.

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Why should companies use journeys?

Companies can nurture employee experience with consumer-grade journeys to radically transform engagement. Employers can maximise high engagement at every phase of the employee lifecycle - from retention to development or onboarding with content that's finely tuned to their people’s specific needs.

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What are the benefits of journeys?

Journeys can drive better engagement rates with onboarding, increase adoption in upskilling paths, or ensure understanding during a product launch series. Feedback will be monitored at regular intervals so journeys can continuously improve, and fun quizzes gamify the learning experience. Journeys are self-paced and multi-channel – putting the power in your people, wherever they are.

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Why are journeys essential for amplifying engagement?

Journeys can elevate employee engagement so you can take a one time thing and offer a full suite of assets over a considered period of time. Journeys can also minimise pressures on internal teams with all workflows pre-configurable so you can cut down on manual task load. Journeys can cater to a diverse range of personas in your business with dynamic enrolment based on targeted audience groups.

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What is the journey mindset and what are the benefits?

Adopting a journey mindset to engagement means thinking about it in the full context of the employee lifecycle. This more thoughtful approach, considering an employee’s lifecycle from this holistic, wide-angle we can maximize employee experience at key moments through time.

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What is the difference between campaigns and journeys?

Whilst campaign automation can be generated for content-flows, journeys can be mapped according to engagement goal and common learning, upskilling, or onboarding pathways in the business. Journeys are designed to be used time and again - with tweaks made along the way to maximize impact - but the core workflow and content goals remaining the same.

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Employee Journeys Insights

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