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Food is one of our most basic necessities, but there’s nothing basic about the agriculture sector. The right technology can support your people to keep up with the pace of change and stay engaged as the world changes around them. With the right employee experience, your enterprise can ensure its best asset is ready to face the future and keep the world fed.


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Empower your frontline teams

From the farm to the factory, your frontline employees are the backbone of operations. But do they know your brand story and how easy is it to keep them updated on organizational changes? Connect your deskless employees through a mobile app that brings meaningful employee experiences to the frontline and gives everyone a place to connect and share.

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Food and agriculture empower your frontline

Break down knowledge silos

Knowledge is power, and in the food and agriculture industry, finding ways to connect subject experts and share internal knowledge leads to competitive innovation. Through powerful search experiences, social features, and integrations with external systems, you can ensure all your knowledge is at the fingertips of every employee. 

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Food and agriculture frontline workers
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Take productivity to the next level

The pace of change is accelerating. Your customers want new, more sustainable products and your employees are working round-the-clock to stay one step ahead of these evolving consumer expectations. Give your employees the tools to be efficient and productive with an intuitive digital HQ that gives everyone access to the technology to drive progress.

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Food and agriculture data

Create an inclusive culture

How do you build a compelling culture when your workforce is dispersed? Whether your employees are working in the field or performing admin tasks from their home office, create a shared space for your people to come together and connect. Social features, community hubs, and direct access to leaders and colleagues encourage brings culture to life for every employee.

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Food and agriculture sustainability

Deliver targeted experiences

Your employees are busy people. Instead of mass-emails that will likely end up in their trash bin, create and target your content with specific segments of your workforce in mind. Let your workers tailor their own experiences by selecting the topics that interest them most, while leveraging mandatory content to make sure no one misses your most important updates.

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Food and agriculture communications

Fuel innovative partnerships

Third-party collaboration will be a hallmark of the new world of work. From M&A to strategic partnerships, food and agriculture enterprises will increasingly come together to create products and supply chains that keep pace with consumer's evolving demands. Smooth out the pain points of collaborating with your stakeholders with a secure extranet for streamlined knowledge sharing.

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Food and agriculture partnership

Food & Agriculture Intranet FAQs

What is an agriculture intranet?

An agriculture intranet is a type of internal communications software that specifically addresses the needs of the agriculture sector. This may include communication features that allow frontline and office-based workers to remain connected at all times through linked mobile apps, or integrations with external systems. These ensure up-to-date knowledge about the wider agriculture sector is available to all employees, as and when they need to see it.

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How can the agriculture sector benefit from a digital workplace?

The agriculture sector can benefit from a digital workplace with an intranet. Agriculture requires a high level of collaboration and through features like document sharing and task management, an intranet enhances productivity and streamlines workflows. In turn, this improves agriculture communications between all employees. It facilitates remote work and enables seamless coordination between field workers, researchers, and management.

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Why is communication important in agriculture?

In the agriculture industry, communication is important for several reasons. Frontline workers often feel disconnected from those in offices and, since they are so far removed from the physical workspace, keeping them updated on organizational changes can be difficult. Targeted messages and push notifications, delivered through the use of an intranet, ensure frontline workers are empowered and understand your company inside and out, no matter where they are.

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