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Food is one of our most basic necessities, but there’s nothing basic about the agriculture industry. Across the globe, the food and agriculture industry is encountering shifts in consumer preferences, climate challenges that threaten to disrupt supply chains, and turmoil in domestic and international markets. Agility is needed to come out on top, but how can you ensure your employees have what they need to evolve? Unily works with some of the biggest household names to build EXPs that keep workforces updated, aligned, and one step ahead of every challenge that comes their way.


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Empower your frontline teams

From the farm to the factory, your frontline employees are always on the go. As the backbone of your organization, reaching your teams in the field has never been more important. Your mobile responsive EXP gives frontline employees limitless access to news and two-way comms channels, for a sense of connection that spans from the crops to your corporate HQ. Connect your deskless employees through a mobile app and use email broadcasts and offline reading to enhance engagement.

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Break down knowledge silos

Knowledge is power, and in the food and agriculture industry, finding ways to connect subject experts and share knowledge freely brings about competitive innovation. Your people are experts in their field and giving them a platform to share insights and access your entire knowledge library empowers them to make better, more collaborative decisions that can underpin ingenious solutions. With a mobile responsive intranet, you can ensure that every employee has the ability to connect and share, no matter where they are based.

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Hershey Company unites a global workforce with Unily intranet case study

The Hershey Company unites a global workforce with Unily

Take productivity to the next level

The pace of change is accelerating. Your customers want new, more sustainable products and your employees are working round-the-clock to stay one step ahead of these evolving consumer expectations. Your intranet equips them with the tools and capabilities needed to reach peak productivity, including a single pane of glass experience that eliminates the need for constant platform-switching and a superior search experience.

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Create an inclusive culture

How do you build a compelling culture when your workforce is dispersed? Whether your employees are working in the field or performing admin tasks from their home office, create a shared space for your people to come together and connect. Social networking functionality and user-generated content encourage every employee to raise their voice and actively contribute to shaping your culture.

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Deliver targeted experiences

Your employees are busy people. Instead of mass-emails that will likely end up in their trash bin, create and target your content with specific segments of your workforce in mind. Let your workers tailor their own experiences by selecting the topics that interest them most, while leveraging mandatory content to make sure no one misses your most important updates.

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Fuel innovative partnerships

Third-party collaboration will be a hallmark of the new world of work. From M&A to strategic partnerships, food and agriculture enterprises will increasingly come together to create products and supply chains that keep pace with consumer's evolving demands. Smooth out the pain points that often plague new partnerships with an extranet or portal for streamlined knowledge sharing.

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