Engage employees with marketing-grade engagement automation

Build campaigns that target the people who need to see them. Oversee every aspect of campaign automation across all channels, in one place. Plan, schedule, and automate content for internal comms and take your messages further. Unite channels, extend your reach, and craft intelligent workflows that trigger meaningful responses.


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  • Baker Hughes

    "The journeys automation feature has helped us out as it's a repeatable process that we've now easily replicated for each new content manager. This new campaign functionality has made the onboarding process so much simpler than before."

    Peter Gobran - Intranet Platform Manager at Baker Hughes
  • "People want short, quick, real-time communications. That didn't exist before, today it's instant."

    David Harrington - Vice President Internal Communications at Shell
  • "By providing this new, mobile Unily intranet solution to our 44,000 colleagues, we are helping them to connect and communicate more effectively, which ultimately means a more consistent, high-quality service delivered to customers."

    Drew McMillan - Director of Colleague Communication and Engagement at British Airways


Structure your content effectively with engagement automation and automated campaign management. Publish, unpublish, and manage your content with an intuitive campaign builder. Create a story for your employees to follow, building meaningful engagement over time. Launch a coherent campaign that maximizes the impact of your message through the use of targeted content. Guide people to where they need to be.



Put core company content directly in front of new hires with an automated onboarding process. Quickly present employees with any legal or HR content required for them to join the company. Send targeted notifications and emails to those who have not yet responded or engaged with your intended content through onboarding campaign automation software. Combine this with intelligent workflows that trigger immediate responses, and reduce the need to send unnecessary follow-up emails.



When launching any campaign, make sure your objectives are met by setting tangible and attainable goals. Discover how many people interact with your campaign or content, and see results by department, team, or job description. Track goals throughout the campaign and assess the level of engagement in the produced content with dynamic intranet analytics.



Maintain trust with up-to-date, accurate content. Automatically unpublish any error-filled content or incorrect information with a review cycle that has set conditions for removal. Create clear terms to ensure any out-of-date content is unable to negatively impact your authority or reputation by remaining on your platform.


With campaign automation you can create dynamic audiences for your internal comms campaigns that update automatically and can be rebuilt daily - based on the rules you set. Automate your audiences with up-to-date employee information and security groups by linking to HR software or employee databases. Include every employee automatically, even when their roles change or new people join your company.


Create a prohibited words list that ensures disallowed words cannot be entered into content, and receive useful tools to help you manage content. Automatically remove unwanted words from text and translate content to fit the language settings of each and every employee. Meet your employees where ever they are, with omnichannel experiences that automatically update to their language.


Campaign Automation FAQs

What is campaign automation?

Campaign automation refers to processes that automate how content is delivered to people/users, and measure the success of doing so. It regularly updates user details and ensures targeted content is relevant and more likely to be consumed from the beginning of the customer or employee journey.

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How do you automate employee engagement?

You can automate engagement in several ways. Targeted campaigns that have set rules can ensure content is relevant to the end user and only presented to them when it is more likely that they will consume it. This really helps to cut down the noise of internal communications, and increase the likelihood of the employee consuming the content sent to them. Campaigns can also be automated to translate relevant content to the end user's language, it's unlikely that every communication is relevant to all languages and regions. Lastly, automatically update the list of employees who are mapped to specific content types, for example if an employee changes job roles or departments they will automatically be enrolled into the right content.

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What is internal communications automation?

Internal communications automation refers to how automation and AI can be used to track, monitor, and manage internal communication like emails, newsletters, and more within a company. It may be automated through content governance rules, by ensuring everything is up-to-date, or with content goals that help assess exactly how well your internal communication campaign is engaging employees.

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Can campaign automation help employees?

Campaign automation can help employees by ensuring they receive relevant content when they are most likely to consume it. Onboarding automation software can facilitate their journey from the moment they start at a company, by presenting them with HR and legal materials, and further along in their career by providing content that is suitable to their current role and progression.

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Oil and gas giant Shell required a solution to power engagement and productivity across their 135,000 global employees. As the sixth-largest company in the world, the solution needed to reflect the utmost quality in terms of design and delivery.

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Shell intranet on mobile

Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific empowers 26,000 employees and 10,000 business partners with a digital workplace built on Unily's Digital Experience Cloud. The airline flies passengers to more than 230 destinations and required a sophisticated solution to support their workforce in delivering the highest service.

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Cathay Pacific homepage on mobile phone

As a global design firm, Stantec required a platform that would unite employees and become a cultural lynchpin. The Canada-based enterprise envisioned an internal newsroom where employees would interact with company news and contribute to a collaborative culture. Unily brought this vision to life and kicked-off a digital workplace journey.

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