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The rise of decarbonization and decentralization have profoundly changed the playing field. From the coming-of-age of renewable energy to rapidly changing compliance rules, the energy industry is undergoing seismic shifts. Digital technology has emerged as the fuel needed to power sustained success in an industry that is ever-evolving. Your next-generation intranet will combat frontline isolation, prevent knowledge decay, and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

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"People want short, quick, real-time communications. That didn't exist before, today it's instant."

David Harrington - Vice President Internal Communications at Shell

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Empower your frontline

From coal mines to power plants, frontline workers in the energy industry are traditionally isolated from their colleagues in the head office. Over time, this disconnect causes disengagement amongst your deskless teams and acts as a hindrance when it comes to performance and productivity. With a mobile responsive intranet, you can create a sense of unity amongst your entire workforce and inspire your frontline teams to participate and engage.

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Compliance made simple

Stay one step ahead of changing laws and regulations by centralizing compliance information on your intranet. Use mandatory content reads to get the word out about policy updates efficiently and target content to ensure news reaches the audiences that will find it most relevant. 

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Win over tomorrow's talent

Talent pools are 50% more qualified when enterprises have a compelling employer brand. Use blog content and video to drive home what you stand for and attract and retain the talent that will shape your organization's future.

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Fuel continuous learning

Most learned skills have a half-life of 5 years or less. With the shift to renewable energy on the horizon, re-skilling is the only way your enterprise will remain competitive in the new world of work. Your intranet can take your employees' skillsets to the next level with centralized training resources like video webinars, explainer articles, and knowledge repositories.

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Break down barriers with intuitive experiences

Once your workforce grows accustomed to specific tools, the transition to new technology can be met with trepidation. However, a user-friendly intranet with an emphasis on intuitive navigation will turn even your most skeptical employees into impassioned users. Smooth the learning curve with a user guide on your homepage that includes video how-tos and FAQs.

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