Get the most from Google Workspace with an intranet

You’ve invested in Google Workspace to power efficient and collaborative work. What’s next? It’s time to consider the role an intranet plays in bringing the various workloads in Google Workspace together, putting your Google content into a wider context for even greater ROI. If you’re truly looking to maximize your investment, make delivering a single pane of glass experience your top priority.

Employee using a Google intranet to enhance productivity

Getting familiar with Google Workspace

As the world of work transforms, so does the technology designed to support it. To keep pace with ever-evolving workplace challenges, Google debuted Google Workspace, a rebrand of its previous G Suite.

With more than 6m businesses now paying for Google’s services, Google Workspace is quickly gaining traction. In addition to new branding for the product that includes Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Calendar, Google Workspace is designed to make all those tools feel like they’re more integrated with one another.

Leveling up your Google investment with your intranet

With the work-from-anywhere movement in full swing, employees are splitting their time differently and connecting with colleagues in new ways. As the world of work becomes more fragmented across various systems, seamless digital experiences that enhance productivity and collaboration have emerged as a workplace requirement.

Throughout 2020, the importance of the digital workplace has come to the forefront. 81% of business leaders now view the digital workplace as a priority and 72% have a strategy or program in place for it. For many leading enterprises, a next-generation intranet sits at the center of their digital workplace, serving as the go-to hub for employees seeking out productivity tools, communications channels, and opportunities to connect.

A modern intranet can create the kind of integrated, single pane of glass experience that your employees are looking for. Through deep connections with Google Workspace, you can provide a one-stop shop for your workforce that will transform employee productivity and satisfaction in one. Take this seamless experience one step further with universal authentication, which will eliminate barriers like having to login to all your different Google tools, if your users have already logged in to the intranet with their Google identity.

Better together: 4 scenarios that demonstrate the power of a Google intranet

Curious what a Google intranet looks like in action? A platform that is deeply connected to Google Workspace yields several benefits that can transform workplace productivity and change how your employees accomplish tasks for the better.

Unily's Google integration

Google's comprehensive stack of applications is used by businesses around the world to enhance communication, collaboration, and productivity. Unily helps enterprises get the best out of their Google investment by seamlessly integrating with all Workspace applications.

Google Intranet

Some examples that highlight what a Google intranet can achieve include:

#1. Bring your Google identity

When it comes to accessing your intranet, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Avoid burdening your employees with another set of login credentials and instead, allow them to use their existing Google identity to access your intranet.

For a truly seamless experience, synchronize Google user profile data directly into your platform and provide a searchable people directory. Enable your users to efficiently pinpoint the best sources for niche expertise and initiate cross-functional collaboration effectively.

#2. Enhance productivity from the start

Between juggling personal and professional priorities and making the most of their makeshift home offices, your employees are encountering new challenges that can pose a serious threat to their productivity. Instead of letting output levels dwindle, empower your workforce to achieve peak efficiency from the moment they log into your intranet.

Your homepage has the potential to set the tone for smoother and more streamlined work processes, especially if you take advantage of integrations with Google Workspace. Blend content from your intranet, like news updates and announcements, with information from products like Google Calendar so that users can see their itinerary at a glance even when starting their day at your intranet or new digital HQ.

Productivity homepage

#3. One search to rule them all

With the average amount of time spent searching for information hovering around two hours each day, there’s a risk that some value-add activities are taking a backseat. Give your employees back precious hours of their day by providing a unified search experience that puts key knowledge at every user’s fingertips.

From your urgent emails in Gmail to priority documents in Google Drive, turn to your intranet to centralize search results from various sources. By synchronizing user data into your intranet, it will also be easier than ever for your employees to find information about their colleagues that is updated and accurate.

Google documents search list

#4. Put content in context

Even after the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 55% of executives expect to work remotely at least part-time. Consequently, your workplace can no longer be confined solely to a physical space. Instead, your employees need a virtual hub to connect, collaborate, and communicate with their colleagues.

With Google Workspace, your intranet can become just that. Create team sites and department sites that encourage cross-functional collaboration by serving as a singular home for content and updates on every department. For example, your HR site can include shared calendars, shared drives, and user profile information about everyone on the team.

Google site page

Are you ready to launch a top-tier Google intranet?

If you’re looking to maximize your Google Workspace investment, a next-generation intranet is your secret weapon for leveling up productivity and collaboration in one. To create digital workplace experiences that are seamless and superior, get in touch with our intranet experts.

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