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Unily and Salesforce work hand-in-hand, allowing users to search across Salesforce accounts, leads, opportunities, and contacts all from within Unily.

Stay connected to your customers with Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM and the application of choice for sales teams around the world. Connecting sales, marketing, finance, billing, and service teams to guide prospects through personalized customer journeys, Salesforce helps enterprises convert conversations to opportunities.

As your employees’ go-to hub, Unily integrates with Salesforce to ensure prospects and updates are always at arm's reach. A single pane of glass approach to integration means users can search your Salesforce accounts, contacts, opportunities and leads directly from Unily’s unified search center.

Add the power of Salesforce to your intranet and keep delivering the user experiences your people love by installing Salesforce Search Experiences on the Unily Feature Store.

Salesforce Search Experiences

Unily’s Salesforce integration gives access to your entire Salesforce CRM database from within your employee experience platform, building a truly centralized knowledge hub. Combining your Salesforce data with insights from across the digital workplace gives your sales team the context to make informed decisions and approach every opportunity with the information they need to close.

Unily's unified search center allows your users to search across integrated systems, including Salesforce, without switching between systems. One search surfaces everything users need, saving users from logging in to different systems and learning different search behaviors.

Bring Salesforce into the Unily environment and drive productivity by reducing time spent jumping between systems, so employees can focus on making the most of every opportunity.

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Keep on top of every opportunity

Available for plug-and-play installation on the Feature Store, our Salesforce integrations give users an at a glance view of Salesforce data so you can always keep on top of your leads and prospects.

Silos are formed when people work in isolation. By integrating Salesforce into Unily, your people can view the status of leads and stay informed all from within your intranet. Users are also able to keep tabs on the companies and verticals prioritized by their business with search filters and refiners.

Discover the latest sales opportunities by integrating Unily with Salesforce and place them front and center, letting users drill down with filters and refiners to find exactly what they need.

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