Unily named top ten global digital workplace specialist in 2021

The Constellation ShortList, the globally recognized industry standard for digital employee experiences, has again ranked Unily among the world’s leading innovators in the digital workplace sector in 2021.

Employees happy after being shortlisted in Global digital workplace award

Unily features on the Constellation ShortList

Constellation Research, the award-winning strategic advisory coming out of Silicon Valley, has announced the latest release of the annual Constellation ShortList of the Top 10 Employee Digital Workspace Solutions to Know, with Unily named alongside the likes of Microsoft, Dropbox, and Salesforce as one of the world’s best in enterprise technology.

A ShortList of exceptional platforms

Headed up by Dion Hinchcliffe, an influential figure in the world of digital strategy and the future of work, The Constellation ShortList evaluates more than 75 of the top digital workplace solutions on the market against extensive judging criteria to determine the best of the best when it comes to employee experience.

This ShortList represents the ten global leaders in unifying enterprises and employee experience empowering people around the world to connect to their organization and do their best work.
The ShortList also provides valuable foresight into the future of work and the workplace, with insight into what the future of the intranet holds and big names in the employee experience sphere to keep an eye out for.

Setting the bar high

Having talked with Unily partners, customers, clients, and specialists within the digital workplace sector, Constellation Research has decided to once again include Unily in their esteemed list of the 10 best employee experience platforms on the market. The Constellation ShortList verifies their findings against client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and its own internal research to validate the results.

The Constellation ShortList also judges each solution against its comprehensive judging criteria:

  • Administration and community management features
  • Off-the-shelf business software integrations (line-of-business apps)
  • Customization options (branding and layout)
  • Datacenter locations (logic and data residency)
  • Deployment options (on-premises, cloud, hybrid)
  • Directory integration (people and groups)
  • Ecosystem (how robust is partner and ISV support?)
  • Extensibility and integrations (third-party apps, APIs and SDKs)
  • Feature set (communities, file sharing, content management, task management)
  • Governance and compliance options
  • Licensing/pricing
  • Mobile options
  • Personalization features (manual or algorithmic, AI)
  • Platform support (i.e., does it require SharePoint, Salesforce?)
  • Reporting tools and analytics
  • Scalability
  • Search and discovery
  • Security

The perfect start to 2021

For Unily, to be honored again in the ShortList as a leading global digital workplace specialist is the cherry on top of a difficult but fruitful year in 2020.

Though full of change and stress, the hard times have been quickly followed by achievements and wins that have Unily poised to keep the momentum rolling into and beyond 2021.

Following successes at the Ragan Intranet Awards, Inspiring Workplace Awards, and many more we can’t wait to tell you about, this most recent accolade further cements Unily’s dedication to market-leading digital employee experiences.

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