Unily leads the way with highest product score in ClearBox report

Commending our engagement-focused product that meets the needs of complex global organizations, ClearBox has awarded Unily with the Intranet of ‘Choice Award for Internal Communications’, as well as the highest product score of all of the 21 vendors analyzed. ClearBox praised Unily’s sophisticated branding and publishing capability, flexible layouts, and simplicity in approach. This recognition further demonstrates Unily’s high performance as a market leader.

Clearbox 2023 report

Unily has been recognized by ClearBox with the highest product score for our “top-tier product” that “represents great value for a well-integrated suite of capabilities”. ClearBox Consulting’s thorough analysis further proves our market-leading capabilities across all measured areas. If you’d like to read or download the full report – you can download it here.

The ClearBox report offers impartial advice on the best intranet and employee experience platforms, including in-depth analysis of the top 21 products so business leaders can make fully informed technology decisions.

Summary of the ClearBox view

ClearBox highlights Unily’s “attractive design and easy-to-use interface” as a key benefit for all stakeholders, from employees to editors or admins. The report emphasizes our excellent branding support and associated digital asset management, alongside support for multi-brand organizations.

Furthermore, Unily’s campaign management and activity planning features are viewed as a strong value-add for internal comms teams. These features allow for successful planning, execution, and tracking of timeline-driven messaging or multi-event campaigns. Our ability to support goal-focused communication, social engagement, and activity-oriented campaigns with our ‘air-traffic control’ calendar is seen as another key strength by ClearBox.

The mobile experience offered by Unily was also lauded for its handheld optimization and on-the-go features.

The ClearBox Choice award for internal communications

ClearBox awarded Unily as its market ‘Choice’, particularly when it comes to internal communications capability. We were also delighted to see ClearBox give us consistently high scores across a wide range of capabilities. This demonstrates our strength and dependability across a breadth and depth of product features.

Unily’s simple, targeted, and multilingual news publishing with a range of templates, approval workflows, and a comprehensive content calendar provide oversight across all scheduled activity so busy comms teams can better strategize. User-targeting can be built using our intuitive rule-builder, with ClearBox praising its visual and dynamic qualities as making it “simple to create profile-based audiences”. Again, ClearBox highlights the democratization of choice to the employee by Unily, as our platform allows them to complement targeted information they receive by subscribing to topics of interest with personalization.

ClearBox also commended the versatility of our broadcast centre and announcement communications, alongside new story proliferation to social channels, Teams, Slack, and Unily’s personal email digest option. The ease of use when creating reference pages is highlighted, with our grid and widget system providing great flexibility in video, imagery, or text layout and presentation.

Employee advocacy is again highlighted as a major benefit of Unily, with social media and sharing functionality. Notably, the planning and execution capability underpinning all communications activity via Unily’s campaigns feature is seen as an incredibly powerful tool.

Diving deeper into our competitive edge

Calling our visual user experience “consistent and contemporary”, ClearBox highlights the configurable, profile-targeting to navigation, workspaces, and content widgets. ClearBox praises Unily’s ability to put the power in the employee’s hands with customizable notification delivery. Our sophisticated branding and flexibility in the application themes by colour, imagery, or typography choices is seen as a golden asset for large, multi-brand organizations.

Community and engagement is another category where Unily performed very well. Blogging, comments sections on news stories and static pages, and tags or mentions are seen as great ways to foster interaction on the platform. ClearBox thought Unily’s customizable reactions and sentiment analysis scoring really enhance a sense of community in an organization. Peer-to-peer recognition and badges generate increased employee engagement, and ClearBox particularly liked that awards can be themed to align with company values. The report emphasized the value a ‘journey mindset’ can offer, “Unily’s engagement automation features combined with dynamic audience targeting make it straightforward to target onboarding information and tasks to new employees”.

Unily’s information and knowledge management was seen as another area of strength by ClearBox, spotlighting our search experience as “a powerful and differentiating feature”. Promoted results, fuzzy matching, and the presentation of search results are all fortes within the Unily experience. People search is also seen as a product asset with rich searchable biography, tags for skills, and links to user created content. ClearBox also thought our dynamic org chart tool is intuitive for users looking to orientate themselves with an expanded view.

ClearBox calls Unily’s CMS and admin interface “clean and uncluttered” which does a great job of “simplifying the powerful and flexible controls available”. Reviewing it as logical and well-organized, ClearBox praises our security design with role-based access levels and a high degree of granularity. Intuitive publishing experience and multilingual support are also standouts for the market.

We are in the age of analytics and measuring what matters, and Unily is no exception. ClearBox scored our analytics features highly noting our analytics dashboards providing actionable insights when needed most. ClearBox also noted our rich multi-channel social dashboards, mandatory reading options, and export capability for further exploration as key features.

Taking employees on a journey with engagement automation

ClearBox understands that a key focus for us is our engagement automation or employee journeys feature. Seeing campaigns as an internal version of marketing automation with intuitive timelines and triggered events with associated goals and tracking is seen as an extensive Unily capability.

We are very pleased that ClearBox have highlighted this as a core focus area for us, and that they particularly like our sequenced timeline and ‘content picker’ for fine-tuning campaign flows. Our detailed analytics section and visual timeline tab are also spotlighted as favorite features for event-based employee journeys, maximising engagement over time.

Sequential timeline-based automation is the future of crafting campaigns that will land with impact, and ClearBox promotes this as a great way an intranet can empower every employee to do their best work.

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