Unily clients lead the pack at Digital Impact and Digital Workplace Group Awards

As awards season continues, three more Unily clients pull ahead as finalists in the highly regarded Digital Impact Awards and Digital Workplace Awards, with a special shout-out to Unily’s own customer community platform, Universe, for leading the way as a finalist in its own category.

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Unily leads the way in digital experience excellence

Digital communications are a necessity of any modern business, and we value the importance of giving recognition to the great clients and teams that we work with on a daily basis. They continually put the utmost effort into ensuring the best employee experience for their organizations.

We’re excited to announce that three of our customers, iSAW, SCC, and Foundation Medicine, as well as our own Universe platform, have been given a finalist spot in categories in the Digital Impact Awards and Digital Workplace Group Awards. Here’s a closer look at the finalists.

NN/g award 2021


Unily first to win four Nielsen Norman Group best intranet awards

Four intranet solutions built on Unily's employee experience platform have been selected by the Nielsen Norman Group as the world's best intranets of 2021. Johnson & Johnson, Baker Hughes, Cathay Pacific, and Commonwealth Care Alliance have all been recognized by the global UX institute for delivering world-class digital employee experiences.

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Digital Impact Awards

The Digital Impact Awards set the industry-wide benchmark in digital stakeholder engagement. Launched in the UK for the European digital communication community back in 2010, the awards have rewarded the increasingly dynamic ways that digital corporate communications continue to grow.

#1. iSAW a finalist for ‘Best Use of Digital from the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Sector’

iSAW is an International Professional Woman's Organization that seeks to build and promote Woman's capabilities by Learning, Leading, and Lifting others. Its LIFT platform, which is powered by Unily, is an innovative learning and intelligence hub for women to collaborate and hone their professional and technical skills and personal power to advance in the business world.

Work meeting with employees discussing ways to use a Unily extranet to advance gender equality


Unily and iSAW use the power of technology to advance gender equality

Unily and iSAW are coming together to challenge this timeline, using the latest innovations in technology and communication, combined with cutting-edge D&I knowledge, to advance gender equality worldwide.

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#2. SCC a finalist for ‘Best Intranet’

SCC is a UK-based, global IT company that enables business agility and transformation through innovative managed IT services and solutions. Its intranet, Evie, has been instrumental in bringing employees together and creating an innovative and positive culture throughout.

#3. Unily’s Universe platform a finalist for ‘Best Innovation’

Universe is Unily's customer community portal. Home to an active global community and a library of training resources, Universe is a hive of knowledge and inspiration. The category for best innovation recognizes and rewards those organizations that have shown particular ingenuity and creativity in responding to challenges and reaching objectives in innovative ways. Universe certainly captures all of that and is something that we're all proud of.

A community of employees laughing, sharing ideas and working together.


Discover what's possible with Universe, the hub for customer-driven success

Find out how our customer success portal, Universe, creates an experience for all our customers, supporting users throughout their Unily journey and serving as the home for our growing community of employee experience enthusiasts.

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Digital Workplace Group Awards

The Digital Workplace of the Year Awards, produced by Digital Workplace Group, celebrate those organizations and practitioners who have excelled at creating well-executed, high-performing digital workplace environments.

#1. Foundation Medicine a finalist for ‘Modern Intranet of the Year 2021’

Foundation Medicine is a US cancer care specialist organization, transforming the space by pioneering advancements in cancer genomics and bringing them to routine cancer care every day. Its intranet, The Hub, acts as a digital headquarters for employees to use as an online ‘office’ to collaborate, communicate, and share experiences, while also enabling and reinforce an inclusive and cohesive culture for all.

Tune in for the results

The Digital Impact Awards is having its in-person awards ceremony on Nov 25, with the DWG Awards ceremony taking place on Dec 7 – so keep an eye out for the results!

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