Unily is the only official triple leader

The recent announcement by IDC means Unily has been crowned a Leader by the three leading market analyst firms. We delve into this unique accolade in our industry and how we landed a ‘triple-threat’ status.

Unily leads the intranet market

After being evaluated on our ability to provide tailored workspaces for a full spectrum of employees, Unily has been named a leader by IDC in their latest piece of research for our market. This means that the three major analyst firms in our space, Gartner, Forrester, and IDC, have all named Unily a leader in the market.

Unily is now a triple leader, the only in our market 

Unily has been positioned as a market leader across the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Intranet Packaged Solutions, the 2022 Forrester Wave™: Intranet Platforms, and the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Experience-Centric Intelligent Digital Workspaces 2024.

It’s an honor that these key analysts view our product as highly trusted to empower our customers, and elevate employee experience, and it's an exciting time for investment in our market.

Unily named the only triple leader

Unily named the only triple leader

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Consistent performance

Unily has shown high performance consistently across all three of these leading reports. Achieving high scoring across different analyst research indicates a broad and well-rounded standard of delivery. Each analyst firm has a unique set of criteria and methodologies for evaluation, which makes it even more difficult for a vendor to excel across the board.

When such a consistent performance is observed, it demonstrates a deep-rooted strength that transcends one or two specific areas. It reflects an overall resilience and a high degree of competence.

The convergence of positive assessments from multiple analyst houses, especially those who are the three major brands, enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of our product. Investors, stakeholders, and industry peers are likely to rely on the collective wisdom of leading analysts.

Dedication to excellence

A triple leader status signifies Unily’s dedication to excellence – both in past delivery execution and for the path ahead. Steady endorsement from multiple reputable sources builds a strong case for sustained success, instilling confidence in our ability to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities as they unfold.

As these three reports applied a range of approaches to their research, scoring highly across the board represents adaptability and agility in the face of evolving market dynamics. The Unily brand, business, and product have been shown to display excellence in everything from innovation to customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency to extensibility. As Gartner commented, “Unily’s platform extensibility offers wide-ranging components.”

These performance metrics are a powerful indicator of strength. Such a recognition positions Unily as a reliable and versatile player in our industry, demonstrating that we are capable of traversing complexity and sustaining success for the long term.

Why is this important?  

Through their research, analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester, or IDC evaluate the current situation in a given market, evaluating and identifying the best vendors operating within it.

These experts have robust evaluation criteria and the research they produce is always comprehensive with a meticulous eye for detail.

These analyst firms are vital for procurement and empowering C-level decision-making, and their research is invaluable for illuminating the market. Providing actionable insights, these reports help leaders in the comms, HR, or IT space get quickly educated about the market for employee-centric workspaces – better understanding how well specific vendors can respond to their needs.

Finally, these pieces of key research help vendors themselves better understand the market in which they operate, equipping them with the knowledge needed to iterate, improve over time, and finesse their product for success.

Shining a light on a fast-paced space

In a fast-paced market with even faster-moving technology, players are evolving rapidly. As a result, achieving a consistent leader position in these key analyst reports shows stability of execution and establishes a vendor as a partner here for the long term.

The definition of employee experience is continually evolving too, however, that doesn’t mean it’s not of paramount importance to business leaders. As Gallup states, twice as many people left their job for ‘engagement and cultural’ reasons versus a more competitive pay packet.

As this definition is changing shape so too must the products seeking to elevate it. That’s why Unily released over 16 major new capabilities in 2023 alone.

These three key pieces of research reinforce the importance of employee experience, and we foresee that prospective customers in the market will use the to inform their decision-making, get quickly educated on the market for employee-centric workspaces, and understand how well vendors can respond to their needs.

Three key themes across these reports

An abundant feature-set that packs a broad punch

Having an intelligent ecosystem of engagement solutions wrapped up in a single, unified place is expected as standard. Being able to go the extra mile by going beyond intranet-in-a-box solutions sets a product apart for quality employee experience. All three of these key reports highlighted the need for the best employee experience platforms to do a lot.

Unily’s single, centralized platform was praised for its sophistication and seen as rich in features, templates, and capability. The robust feature-set was noted to be highly capable of catering to both desk-based and deskless workers, and Unily’s commitment to employee-centricity across our offering shone through.

While our market is often focused on communications and employee engagement, other areas including employee services, offering an application portal, providing knowledge services, work management, and catering to frontline work are all of vital importance to a strong platform too. A broad set of capabilities is essential to meet the well-established and emerging needs of the modern and varied workforce, especially for larger and more complex organizations.

Configurable and flexible to respond to every need

Connecting an intricate digital landscape with intuitive integrations is a must for any enterprise solution. Unily’s ability to connect and utilize third-party apps natively was recognized by IDC in their MarketScape report. IDC also remarked on Unily’s integration framework’s ability to “include a community feed and ideation portal that are accessible as interactive containers directly within the user interface”.

Seamless integration was also called out as a key strength by Gartner, who views a single pane of glass experience as critical to delivering what people need – saying Unily’s integrations framework “equip(s) it better than most to unify multiapplication experiences”.

The Unily innovation roadmap prioritizes development based on helpful value to employees, rather than innovation for innovation’s sake. Gartner commented on Unily’s “dedication to innovation as it applies real-life, emerging concerns for enterprises and their customers”.

The platform’s ability to allow customization of the workspace without the need for technical acumen was also called out as a key asset. This ability to configure applications or install additions from our feature store differentiates Unily, setting us apart from other vendors in the space.

Supporting frontline workers and their needs was a core theme across all three reports. Gartner states, “Digital workplace leaders are actively turning their attention to this vast and vital segment of their workforce.” Forrester also highlighted that Unily was a cohesive solution “for information workers and frontline workers alike”.

Clean windows to powerful tooling

Unily’s search capability has been relied on by thousands of employees the world over, and these key analysts backed it as market-leading too. Our ability to aggregate results from multiple data sources, including third-party content repositories, with filters and relevancy settings was reported to be a key strength. The templates Unily provides for knowledge management, as showcased in our exclusive customer portal – Universe, was noted as a unique quality in the market. Gartner reflected that this exclusive community platform “can be extended in combination with customer’s intranet for ideation, learning and knowledge exchange”.

Productivity was a key theme across all three reports, and every communicator knows that usability is a must-have for high levels of productivity. Unily was praised by IDC for our straightforward and user-friendly CMS (Content Management System) and Forrester viewed Unily’s automation capability highly intuitive.

Having an intuitive CMS, useful automation features, and a reliable search will improve the quality of content across the employee experience platform and its accessibility to keep employees informed to do their jobs. The aptitude of these features to drive engagement across every level of the business will bring people together across the organization and move our customers closer to their goals.

An agile platform for every curve of the EX landscape

As time marches on and the employee experience landscape continues to shift, Unily is committed to deftly cruising its every bend. Our ambitious roadmap for innovation is already one step ahead of employee-centric analytics, CMS sophistication, expansive integrations, and many more consumer-grade capabilities.

We are incredibly proud to be named the only triple leader in our space. It’s a testament to our continued mission to dissolve the divide between CX and EX. As always, we’re busy behind the scenes to make our market-leading product even better, so watch this space.

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Matthew Boyd - Head of Product Marketing

Matthew Boyd

Head of Product Marketing

As Unily's Head of Product Marketing, Matt shares insights into how organizations can elevate their thinking on employee engagement. Learn More

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