Trivallis and Unily take home employee engagement award

Trivallis and Unily are celebrating their triumph as leaders in employee engagement at this year’s EE Awards, as the Welsh housing association's digital workplace, Hive, is recognized as the Best Use of Technology in 2019.

Trivallis and Unily, leaders in employee engagement

Trivallis and Unily win Best Use Of Technology

The Employee Engagement (EE) Awards recognize excellence in engagement that inspires action and drives the employee experience forward, honoring the organizations that put workforce engagement at the heart of their business strategy.

This year’s awards saw Trivallis and Unily beat out major brands like John Lewis, Orange Business Services and University of Lincoln to take home the ‘Best Use of Technology’ award for their digital transformation project, centered around the Hive platform.

"It is a great honor for Trivallis to be a finalist alongside such well-recognized names, and to win with Hive in that category is a huge boost to us as an organization and the housing sector too. I hope that this shines a light on the good work and talent we have in housing and encourages more people to come and join this exciting and innovative sector."

Mark Woods - Senior Lead for Communications, Media and Policy at Trivallis
Trviallis homepage on devices

A look at the project

Trivallis’ Hive platform was recognized for its focus on improving the employee experience, keeping remote workers connected with a mobile app, and providing spaces for Trivallis employees to submit ideas to leadership, communicate across the organization, and receive support for mental health and wellbeing.

Vitallis put employee wellbeing at the forefront of Hive

For Trivallis, employee engagement has been a longstanding strategic priority. Approximately half of their workforce work remotely and travel often, so reaching and engaging all employees posed a unique set of challenges. They came to Unily needing an adaptable, robust solution to bring together their organization, and power a cutting-edge employee experience. Working together, Unily and Trivallis designed Hive to be a comprehensive digital workplace capable of transforming the day-to-day lives of employees and uniting their dispersed workforce.

Trivallis' content drove engagement

Unprecedented results

Hive has had a significant impact on Trivallis’ workforce and has become a central part of their organizational culture.

The platform has driven a reduction in Trivallis’ staff turnover by 11% and reduced long-term absences by 27%. It has also drastically improved employee engagement, leading to consistently higher engagement scores across the organization, as well as doubling attendance to staff events.

Vitallis, Hive’s dedicated wellbeing staff group, has raised awareness of mental health in the workplace, lowering absences related to stress by 46%. 

Employee wellness in the workplace


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Paul Jackson, Managing Director, Unily, said of the award: “The work that Trivallis has done to promote employee well-being with their digital workplace is truly innovative. It's amazing to see our technology being used to spread positivity in the workplace, and we're pleased to see the team's efforts recognized with this award.”

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