Unily wins Nielsen Norman best intranet 2020 with Dynacare

Unily earns top honors for the sixth time after being recognized by Nielsen Norman Group as the co-creator of one of the world’s 10 best intranets for 2020, in collaboration with Dynacare.

Unily and Dynacare celebrate best intranet award

Nielsen Norman: Intranet excellence

For over two decades, Nielsen Norman Group has analyzed the evolution of intranet platforms, with a specific focus on user experience. 2020 marks the sixth year during which Unily has been spotlighted in the Nielsen Norman Intranet Design awards, bringing the company’s record to 6 champion intranets over the past 9 years. 

Dynacare, the third-largest provider of clinical laboratory services in North America, selected Unily to spearhead the creation of a redesigned intranet in July of 2018. ConneXe, the name of Dynacare’s platform, was launched to 2,900 employees in Feb 2019. 

Speaking of Dynacare’s win, usability expert Jakob Nielsen, Principal at Nielsen Norman Group said: “As the center of the Dynacare digital workplace, ConneXe is the destination where employees can start their day and find the tools they need to provide exceptional healthcare for all patients. ConneXe is a multi-lingual global intranet; available in Canadian French and Canadian English, and built upon four key pillars—accessing knowledge, finding experts, providing a single point of access for all systems, and facilitating improved collaboration and productivity—the intranet helps employees work together to achieve the best results for the people they serve.” 

Dynacare's Nielsen Norman Award-winning platform

Building one of the year's best intranets with the Unily feature set

Dynacare’s workforce of approximately 2,900 consists of a diverse array of users, including multiple different units of frontline staffers as well as operations, marketing, finance, and leadership teams. ConneXe is designed to provide a customized user experience to every user through third-party integrations, targeted content, and personalization options.  

A multitude of features and specialized widgets were implemented to instill connectivity throughout the organization and drive productivity on all fronts. A branded mobile application was designed to provide a consistent and engaging user experience for remote workers and frontline staffers. Gamification widgets were added to the mix to encourage all employees to become active participants in the ConneXe platform and boost collaboration from the start. The introduction of recognition capabilities further supports knowledge sharing by pinpointing expertise and highlighting best practices throughout the organization.  

Since launch, ConneXe has benefitted the entire Dynacare enterprise by improving productivity, collaboration, and engagement, with impressive results.

Paul Jackson, Managing Director, Unily said of the award: “At Unily, we believe the success of enterprise technology starts with exceptional user experience. Therefore, it is with great pride that we accept this award for the sixth time. The competition this year was extremely fierce and we're pleased to see ourselves recognized as continuing to operate at the peak of innovation. Our newest title and the intranet we created with Dynacare demonstrates Unily’s continued commitment to arming top enterprises with the tools needed to create employee experiences that revolutionize business output and internal culture in equal measure. 

See how Unily built Dynacare an award-winning platform 

Nielsen Norman Group's Intranet Design Annual 2020: The Year’s 10 Best Intranets, co-authored by Kara Pernice, Patty Caya, Maria Rosala, and Anna Kaley is available to download from the Nielsen Norman Group website.

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