Unily and Ripple Effect Group announce partnership to support enterprises in the new era of work

Unily is excited to embark on a new partnership with fellow digital workplace leaders, Ripple Effect Group. This collaboration will see our combined expertise support enterprises looking to transform the way they work with next-gen enterprise technology. Learn more about how Unily's partnership program is supporting businesses with their digital transformation and employee experience goals.

Unily and Ripple Effect Group announce new digital workplace partnership

Partnering toward success

Much like Unily, Ripple Effect Group (REG) are committed to powering a brighter future of work, where enterprise technology puts the power to succeed in every employee's hands. It is this shared vision that has inspired our new partnership with the Sydney-based digital workplace consultancy.

The collaboration is one of several new partnerships formed as a result of Unily's Partner Program. It will see Unily and Ripple working together to support their clients in leveraging the latest strategy and technology to underpin business transformation.

"This partnership is built upon shared goals of delivering sustainable, robust digital workplace platforms tailored for the modern enterprise."


About the partnership

Based in Sydney, Australia, Ripple Effect Group is Asia Pacific’s leading digital workplace consultancy, working with global enterprises to design smarter ways of connecting people and technology.

As digital workplace designers, REG strategically guide companies towards a digital advantage. Their independent consulting team helps clients design informed and effective ways of uniting workforces with enterprise technology – in ways that are intuitive, compelling, and future-proofed – by using authentic insights, tailored strategies, and innovative thinking.

Lauren Parker, Unily's Head of Global Alliances and founder of the Partner Program, said of the partnership: 

"This exciting partnership signals a change in market behavior, a coming together of like-minded organizations with a shared interest in ensuring digital workplace technology cements its place in the enterprise as a must-have technology alongside CRM, ERP, HR, and other business-critical applications and platforms."

Lauren Parker - Head of Global Alliances at Unily

With years of experience in user research and design, community management, and social learning, REG will help clients unlock the full potential of the Unily platform, connecting people to the content, tools, and information they need to do their best work.

How will the partnership benefit clients?

As a leading digital workplace consultancy, there is considerable overlap between Unily and Ripple Effect Group’s objectives. Prioritizing our clients’ needs above all else, this partnership is built upon shared goals of delivering sustainable, robust digital workplace platforms tailored for the modern enterprise.

Key to our partnership strategy was the alignment of business values and processes to ensure long-term success for clients’ digital transformations. With complimentary offerings, Unily and Ripple Effect Group will work in parallel to realize a vision of the future of work where meaningful digital experiences are at the heart of the employee experience.

"As a human-centred designer, I always say: It’s not about the technology, it’s about how people use it! Much like implementing new technologies, great partnerships are based on trust. With shared experience in the digital workplace sphere and common values, we feel very aligned with Unily in this partnership."

Dr Anne Bartlett-Bragg - Managing Director at Ripple Effect Group

How will Unily and Ripple Effect Group work together?

In collaborating with Ripple Effect Group, we have the opportunity to offer a broader range of services and support to global enterprise clients, ensuring that every possible need is met.

Unily and REG’s offerings and in-depth knowledge of each other’s products and services will form the basis of our collaboration, with the common goal of client success. To this end, we will further develop a focus on REG’s human-centered design capabilities and how this combines with the Unily employee experience platform.

Leveraging the strengths of the Unily platform alongside REG’s expertise and experience, this partnership aims to change the way people work in the current disrupted environment of work and into the next era of digital transformation.

"Partnering with companies like Ripple Effect strengthens our ability to better service our mutual client communities. "

Lauren Parker - Head of Global Alliances at Unily

More specialist services on offer

Three key areas where our partnership with REG will provide additional value to enterprise clients:

Community Management

REG design and develop innovative community strategies, provide community management capability development, and support organizations’ transition to a new mode of work with mentoring programs.

Applying community theory and best practices to achieve measurable outcomes, REG, like Unily, work tirelessly to ensure clients receive maximum value from their community-building efforts and communication technology.

User research and design

REG’s proven approaches and methodologies have helped countless organizations to better understand their current challenges and identify opportunities for digital workplace initiatives that maximize the use of technology.

REG’s research-based authentic user personas and employee experience journeys represent real people in the new era of work, ensuring engagement efforts focus on building sustainable digital interactions that benefit the end-user.

REG’s thought leadership is founded upon deep contextual understanding and transferrable knowledge that can be leveraged to uncover actionable insights and recommendations, underpinned by data and analytics.

Social Learning

REG and Unily will work with clients to develop smarter, simpler, and more social learning environments that achieve results that more expensive controlled learning systems failed to deliver in the past. REG encourage clients to incorporate social learning into their organizational structure to cultivate powerful and connected networks.

These networks place the transfer of knowledge and skills as a priority, ensuring the digital workplace becomes an inclusive environment through interactions that empower people to access the expertise and information they need, when they need it.

A partnership for the new era of work

Working closely with Ripple Effect Group moving forward, Unily will further enhance our ability to design and structure projects around the specific needs and wants of our clients, for the present, and into the future. With a shared commitment towards uniting and empowering global enterprises in a new era of digital experiences, this partnership represents the next step towards a brighter future of work.

Speak to us today to find out more about our Partner Program or to see how Unily can transform employee experience at your enterprise.

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