Distracted every 15 minutes: The impact of digital noise in the workplace

Do you expect to read this whitepaper without being interrupted by a notification from your smartphone or work email? Probably not. In today’s information and communication rich digital workspace, interruptions are part and parcel of the job. However, this cacophony of noise disrupts the focus of one in three workers every 15 minutes or less. Despite high employee approval of tools like email and intranets, this relentless assault on our attention makes it a constant struggle to maintain employee wellbeing and organizational productivity.

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Uncover the impact of digital noise in your workplace and learn about the benefits of a unified comms approach.

Digital overload fuels workplace stress and hampers productivity

Digital overload fuels record-breaking workplace stress and hinders productivity, creating a velocity drain for large companies that struggle to shape-shift their workforce. Employees and managers alike crave more control over their digital environments. Most see AI-powered intranets and employee apps as a promising solution to consolidate tools, streamline workflows, and filter out noise.

What’s inside this report?

  • New data highlighting the negative impact of digital interruptions on wellbeing and productivity across Financial and Professional services
  • Data spotlighting the need for organizations to invest in AI-driven and superapp solutions that enhance employee experiences
  • Potential solutions for enterprises in reducing organizational lethargy, minimizing silos, and regaining organizational velocity

Who should read this guide?

Businesses employing desk-based and frontline employees should take note of the impact digital notifications are having on their employees’ wellbeing, as well their own chances of achieving success in today’s economic climate. Employee experiences are the cornerstone of every business success, and Unily’s research calls on all leaders to act now in tackling the digital noise crisis in the workplace, or risk losing out.

Digital noise FAQs

What is digital noise in the workplace?

Digital noise refers to the various communications an individual will receive from their digital tools and platforms. In the workplace this will include direct messengers like Teams or Slack, traditional email, social intranet posts, EXP announcements, employee app push notifications, HR system alerts, and more! With organizations leveraging all of these platforms, it’s no wonder the noise they create can be detrimental to productivity.

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What is a superapp?

A ‘superapp’ in the workplace describes a unified location for all digital platforms. Whether an employee is on their mobile on the frontline, using a laptop in the office, or seeing digital signage on the factory floor, an organizational superapp should deliver appropriate and personalized communications to employees.

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What is organizational velocity?

Organizational velocity refers to the ability of business to make sharp pivots, accelerate decision-making, and eliminate operation friction to stay one step ahead, allowing them to operate at speed and achieve execution excellence across a modern digital workforce.

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What is velocity drain?

Organizational lethargy, functional silos, and languishing employee engagement create a velocity drain that holds businesses back, with lasting negative business consequences. The nature of today’s digital workforce makes the velocity drain even worse, from constant context switching to information deluge in the digital workplace.

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