The sunsetting of Workplace by Meta is an opportunity to upgrade your employee experience

Being forced to change business systems is never fun, so the recent announcement that Meta is sunsetting Workplace is almost certainly unwelcome news for many IT, HR, and Internal Communications leaders. While Meta’s suggested path is for customers to lift and shift to Workvivo, another enterprise social network, this unexpected disruption offers an opportunity to strategically upgrade by adopting an Employee Experience Platform. Simply lifting and shifting to another social media platform is a missed opportunity to both simplify and improve the end-to-end employee experience.

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Where do we go from here?

According to Meta, the platform will remain fully functional until August 31, 2025, but Workplace shuts down completely on June 1, 2026. They have clearly made their strategic choice, which is to lift and shift to Workvivo, their “preferred migration partner”. Whilst corporate leadership decided all of this behind closed doors for undisclosed reasons, surely someone needs to ask, what’s best for their customers?

An Employee Experience Platform offers so much more to the workforce and the organization than an enterprise social network ever can. The EX tech game has significantly advanced since the inception of Workplace, offering new opportunities for enterprises to tap into and deliver against the diverse needs of the modern workforce. 

We believe that enterprise social still has a place in the digital workplace, but that organizations should consider it in the context of more holistic products that wrap around a broader employee experience, not as an isolated capability that lacks intranet integration.

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Life after Workplace: The future of enterprise social networking

The news that Meta is sunsetting Workplace has spurred many leading organizations to review their approach to Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) – whether they’re Workplace users or not. In this webinar, we bring together an expert panel to share essential insights that will help you shape a world-class enterprise social strategy.

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Market-leading solutions such as Unily are designed to solve challenges that go beyond two-way communication and community building, while still preserving the importance of those use cases. With a keen focus on integration, Employee Experience Platforms take all the brilliance of a first-rate comms platform and advance it with a broader set of capabilities that give enterprises more firepower to truly revolutionize the way their people work.

Unlike siloed comms platforms, an EXP sits at the center of the digital workplace, acting as an aggregator and accelerator for the many applications enterprises rely on to empower and enable their people at work. At a time when employees are feeling overwhelmed by an ever-growing tool set, an EXP strategy recognizes that driving engagement needs to go deeper than connecting the workforce with vibrant communications. 

When one door closes, another opens

For organizations that have spent the last years embedding Workplace into their digital ecosystem and enjoying the benefits of a more dynamic internal comms environment, the news of its impending end-of-life will have come as a nasty shock. And, while no change comes without risk, we see a fantastic opportunity on the horizon for those facing the leap.

Over the next two years, enterprises have an opportunity to explore new possibilities and tackle engagement barriers that may not have existed when Workplace entered the scene. This could be the start of a new era for many organizations at a time when employee experience matters more than ever.

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A trusted partner to support your transition

If you're ready to start planning for a bright, connected future, we're here to help. Unily has significant experience delivering smooth transitions for enterprise social migrations and has supported some of the world's largest and most complex organizations make the jump from legacy solutions to an EXP. We offer a comprehensive suite of migration tools, including an automated Meta Workplace migration tool, to help you navigate change with confidence.

If you're looking for help planning your next steps in light of the news by Meta, we're offering a free 1-hour session to create your Workplace Succession Strategy and a fast start with our Workplace Migration Tool.

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How to plan a seamless migration from Workplace by Meta

As Workplace by Meta sunsets, ensuring uninterrupted internal communications is paramount. With a decade of expertise in securely migrating complex enterprises to the leading social intranet solutions, Unily promises a seamless transition.

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