Unite 23

Catch up on the biggest employee experience conference EVER: Unite 23. 2 days of keynotes, breakouts, and panels live from London, now available on demand. Get inspired with keynotes from Stephen Fry, Steven Bartlett, and Grace Beverley. Discover how leading enterprises are transforming employee experience and internal comms with talks from Wipro, WSP, Kerzner, National Grid, Pearson, and more. Game on.

Unite 23 with Stephen Fry, Grace Beverley and Steven Bartlett

DAY 1, SEP 13

  • Day 1 intro

  • Keynote Fry's future of work

    In the midst of the biggest workplace revolution of our time, everything we thought we knew about work is up for debate. In this opening keynote, we’re joined by the brilliant mind of Stephen Fry to discuss everything from how to use technology as a force for good, what it takes to create a culture where everyone belongs, and how to champion mental wellbeing through human storytelling and open conversation.

    with Stephen Fry

  • Comms Ask an internal comms expert

    Take the opportunity to get your questions answered by top internal communicators. Come prepared with your trickiest questions and biggest challenges and get the answers you need.

    with Bryan Vermes - Director, Employee Experience & Communications at Mimecast; Chris Andrew - Principal, Head at Caburn Hope; Joanna Parsons - Founder and Director at The Curious Route; Kim England - Vice President, Global Employee Communications at Pearson

  • Deep Dive Best practice: Content governance

    Inaccurate, outdated, off-brand content erodes trust and impacts intranet adoption. But with so much content to manage, how do you maintain effective content governance? Discover the tools available to support you before moving into collaborative roundtable discussions focused on best practice approaches and real-world scenarios and applications.

    with Margie Dolch - Implementation Consultant at Unily; Lourdes Merchan - Functional Lead, Implementation Consultancy at Unily

  • Tech The future of digital employee experience

    Join our industry experts to discuss key themes shaping the future of digital employee experience. What can you expect from the next decade of digital employee experience innovation?

    with Sonya Poonian - Director at simplycommunicate; Suzie Robinson - Consultant at ClearBox; Edward Taylor - Chief Growth Officer at Digital Workplace Group; Sharon O'Dea - Founder at Lithos Partners

  • Keynote A digital workday: How 260k employees are changing the way they work

    Less than a year ago, Wipro employees were digging through a collection of siloed portals to access what they needed to succeed at work. Today, The Dot is leveraging the latest advancements in employee experience technology to connect 260k employees with everything they need to stay productive and engaged. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how they devised a change strategy to rollout a new digital employee engagement platform, how they managed the challenge of transitioning 500+ channels from Yammer to native Unily social, and learn how they are making information more accessible through automation. Get tips for digitally engaging employees at your own organization, no matter where you are in your transformation journey.

    with Shantell Ogden - Global Business Transformation Director at Wipro

  • Comms Re-aligning employees behind your values in a hybrid world

    Embedded organizational values and ethics lay the foundation for a happy, connected, and engaged workforce. Discover how National Grid has successfully embedded their company values across their 33k+ global hybrid workforce, truly embracing the company’s culture and vision to deliver a clean, fair, and affordable energy future.

    with Michelle Marston - Content Specialist at National Grid; Rebecca Martin - Group Internal Communication Manager, HR at National Grid

  • Deep Dive Best practice: Information architecture

    Deep dive into the fundamentals of plotting simple yet engaging paths to content using personas and intuitive features, before moving into collaborative roundtable discussions focused on best practice approaches and real-world scenarios and applications.

    with Lucy Skinner - Product Training Lead at Unily

  • Tech Thinking outside the box

    Discover how iRobot is leveraging out-of-the-box functionality creatively to avoid custom development and bring ambitious digital employee experience visions to life. Get an exclusive look inside their award-winning platform and learn how a small team can think outside the box to make a big impact.

    with Donnelle Koselka - Director, Internal Communications & Branding Corporate Communications at iRobot

  • Comms Mastering mobile: Creating an app employees love

    Discover how Kerzner, the world-famous luxury hotel operator behind Atlantis Resorts & Residences, One&Only Resorts and Private Homes, SIRO and Rare Finds, is transforming employee engagement with an app that empowers its people to create amazing experiences and everlasting memories for guests all over the world.

    with Rachael Knowles - Internal Communications Manager at Kerzner

  • Deep Dive Best practice: Content relevancy

    In an increasingly noisy world, the need to keep employees informed can sit at odds with keeping them engaged and productive. In this feature-focused session, we deep dive into the three relevancy capabilities that can help you cut through the noise to make sure your message lands with the right people, on the right channel, at the right time.

    with Visda Scott - Senior Implementation Consultant at Unily; Danka Collins-Jones - Senior Implementation Consultant at Unily

  • Tech Harnessing technology to build a culture of belonging

    Hear from stakeholders from different fields and industries in this interactive panel discussion that looks at how technology can disrupt systemic discrimination, elevate marginalized voices, and underpin progressive DEIB strategies. Discover how you can leverage technology to build a culture of true belonging – where everyone is seen, heard, valued, and represented. Sponsored by: Unily Women's Network.

    with Eloise Thomas - Internal Communications Manager at Informa; Advita Patel - Director at Comms Rebel & A Leader Like Me; Kate Isichei - Internal Communications Consultant at Where To Look Communications

  • Keynote Working hard, hardly working: Productivity hacks for your workforce

    Grace Beverley isn’t just the author of a best-selling book on hacking productivity, or host of chart topping podcast Working Hard, Hardly Working with a total reach of over 3 million, she’s also the founder and CEO of two disruptive businesses, including a sustainably-made activewear brand making waves within the industry. Grace has been on a mission to discover the secret work-life balance, and now juggling several growing businesses, she joins us to share her secrets to success and how she applies them at her own organizations.

    with Grace Beverley

DAY 2, SEP 14

  • Day 2 intro

  • Keynote Employee engagement lessons from a CEO

    Entrepreneur, dragon, and host of The Diary of a CEO podcast - Steven Bartlett - returns to the Unite stage to share his unique ethos on engaging employees and creating winning cultures from the perspective of the modern CEO.

    with Steven Bartlett

  • Comms Leadership: Removing the pedestal

    In a world that’s clamoring for authenticity and openness, how do you evolve your leadership communications to maximize employee engagement? How do you bring your leaders closer to their teams? Discover how Prudential is repositioning its Corporate Affairs function to support a new era of leadership – one that embraces co-creation, creativity and digital channels.

    with Charlotte Mulliner - Director, Executive & Internal Communications, Group Corporate Affairs at Prudential

  • Deep Dive Getting started with Employee Journeys

    Get up close and personal with Unily’s latest innovation: Employee Journeys. Learn how to identify common journeys in the employee lifecycle and design meaningful and repeatable experiences that elevate the employee experience to enable your employees at every stage of their career.

    with Aislinn Logan - Product Marketing Manager at Unily

  • Tech EX + AI: How employee experience leaders are thinking about AI

    AI, automation, machine learning – all are fast becoming the buzzwords of the year, but can they really power the future of employee experience? Our panel of enterprise employee experience are here to reveal how they are thinking about leveraging AI to enhance the next generation of employee experiences. Join us for an interactive discussion on the future of digital employee experience powered by AI and discover how leading enterprises are preparing for an AI-powered future of work.

    with Charisse Soutar - General Manager, Sustainability & Employee Communications at REA Group; Drew Munn - Strategy Partner: Future of Work at Gallagher; Sam Marshall - Director at ClearBox; Maxime Horman - Communications Manager at The Adecco Group France

  • Keynote Unily: The future

    Get an exclusive first-look at Unily’s next big innovation and hear how we’re evolving our product to meet emerging enterprise needs.

    with Chris Ciauri - CEO at Unily; Sam Hassani - CTO at Unily

  • Comms Everything under one roof: Weaving together a global and regional digital experience

    'How can we leverage the power of global while offering a regional experience at the same time?’ is the question WSP Global asked themselves as they set out to deploy an all-new employee experience platform to level up engagement for its 66k-strong and diverse workforce. Discover how a rapidly growing organization is bringing its people together locally and globally.

    with Anne-Marie Ferrara - Director, Global Digital Experience at WSP

    • Main Stage - Convene, 22 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4BQ
  • Deep Dive Tech talks: Infrastructure, security, and engineering

    Under the hood, the Unily employee experience platform is a complex yet well-oiled machine. Keeping it running smoothly and securely to deliver enterprise-grade peace of mind is a talented team of technical professionals. In this session, they will be providing insights into how the Unily platform works and continuous modernization programs that keep your platform on the cutting edge.

    with Hugh Wilkinson - Technical Operations Manager – Infrastructure at Unily; Michele Johl - Technical Operations Manager – Service Engineering at Unily; James Heathcote - Technical Operations Manager – Information and Security at Unily; Matt Harding - Global Head of Engineering at Unily

  • Tech Elevating your intranet experience through collaboration

    All too often, intranet management falls to one team, leading to sub-par results. Kayla and Cody argue that strategic collaboration between information technology and communications teams is the secret to successfully delivering and maintaining a high-value intranet. Discover how one organization is leveraging collaboration in the planning, execution, support, and enhancement phases of intranet deployment to elevate success and upgrade the employee experience.

    with Cody Patterson - Corporate Communications Manager at Farm Credit Mid-America; Kayla Mears - Business Solutions Manager at Farm Credit Mid-America

  • Comms Using your intranet to drive high-performance culture

    Discover how the world’s leading learning company Pearson, is using its employee experience platform to drive growth and help 22k employees worldwide focus and work simpler. By using Gallup's 12 elements of engagement, they are able to guide decision-making to optimize business impact and drive engagement.

    with Kim England - Vice President, Global Employee Communications at Pearson

  • Tech Engaging your frontline workforce

    An engaged and informed frontline workforce is a precursor to excellent customer experience, yet too many frontline workers feel disconnected from the enterprise. We're joined by a panel of experts to discuss strategies for overcoming frontline engagement barriers, fit with real-world examples of how some of the largest enterprises are solving frontline disconnect.

    with Marc Whittingham - Engagement & Employer Brand Lead at Holland & Barrett; Debbie Braden - Director, Culture and Communications Officer at Caliber Collision; Rachael Knowles - Internal Communications Manager at Kerzner

  • Deep Dive Product innovation: People, process, progress

    Meet the three bright minds shaping the future of Unily. From innovation labs and ideation to roadmap and execution, Hannah, Katie, and Leslie will walk you through what it takes to build the world’s best employee experience platform and how they place customer thinking at the heart of what they do.

    with Hannah Unsworth - Head of Product Innovation at Unily; Katie Johnson - Product Innovation Lead at Unily; Leslie Bagala - Product Innovation Lead at Unily

  • Wrap-Up & Awards

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