Elevating the end-to-end employee lifecycle with an intranet

Most people leaders are still overlooking the humble enterprise intranet, despite its central role in elevating the employee experience. But not every organization is making this mistake. Join us to see how some of the world’s leading enterprises are leaning into their intranets as a catalyst for employee experience transformation.

Claiming HR’s seat at the intranet table

From attraction right the way through to exit, the right intranet will wrap around the entire employee experience, engaging employees at key moments across their careers, and elevating engagement at every step.

But so often HR leaders overlook the critical role of the intranet at the center of the employee experience.

In this webinar, we look at what HR leaders bypassing their seat at the intranet table are missing out on. How can an enterprise intranet be the catalyst for employee experience transformation and what can the right platform do for HR teams designing the future of work?

To show you what’s possible, we’ll bring you real-life examples from some of the world’s largest enterprises using their intranets to drive forward market-leading employee experience strategies.

Who should watch?

This webinar isn’t just for curious HR leaders seeking to learn from other leading organizations, it’s also for Internal Communications, Digital Experience, and Organizational Change leaders who want to understand the power of the modern intranet to elevate the end-to-end employee experience. You’ll walk away with a bird’s eye view on how the intranet has evolved to enable employees at every stage of their career, from onboarding to upskilling, and what you should be looking for in an intranet provider that can truly partner with you to bring your employee experience vision to life.

Meet your speakers

Kaz Hassan - Employee Experience Industry Lead at Unily

Having spent 8 years immersed in the employee experience space, Kaz has a reputation for being a thought leader with a cutting-edge stance on the latest industry trends and predictions. His experience rolling out more than 20 intranets to over a million employees means he has on-the-ground knowledge and data to back up his innovative perspectives - and he is not afraid to challenge the status quo. Kaz joined Unily in 2018 and is now a regular speaker at industry events including Unily's Unite - the #1 employee experience conference.

Jenny Shiers - Chief People Officer at Unily

Jenny is Unily's first Chief People Officer, having joined in 2023 from Salesforce where she was VP of Employee Success UKI & North EMEA. She has significant experience working to develop and execute innovative people strategies, with a focus on equality and attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent in the market. She is passionate about maintaining and scaling Unily's strong and unique culture to support its phenomenal growth and believes that enhancing employee experience and engagement is the secret sauce for any business. Previously, she worked as an employment lawyer in City law firms.

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