Have employee experience leaders given up on retention?

As the quiet quitting trend shows no sign of letting up, how can today’s businesses build lasting, meaningful engagement across a disparate and demotivated workforce? As part of our latest research, we surveyed enterprise employee experience leaders across internal communications, HR, and IT to find out their top challenges and knowledge gaps when it comes to creating an engaged workforce, what their employees are really looking for, and how they are using innovative comms and technology to solve these challenges. Discover the winning formula for an engaged workforce.

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Out with the old? 

When an employee leaves, their organization feels the impact immediately. Retention and disengagement challenges have left businesses struggling with decreased productivity, disrupted workflows, and broken company culture. Despite this, our research found that just 1 in 5 EX leaders are prioritizing retention this year, the lowest across their priorities. So why is retention taking a backseat? We uncover the barriers to tackling this challenge, from scope creep to digital friction, and how to overcome them.

In this report, we bring to you our original research to help you benchmark your challenges and priorities against your employee experience peers and learn how to solve them to lay the groundwork for lasting engagement. Discover fresh insights into what employees want from their communications and technology, and how to create a frictionless digital employee experience.

What’s inside this employee experience research report? 

  • Benchmark your top challenges and priorities across global enterprise peers 
  • Discover the barriers to engagement and retention that hold businesses back 
  • Learn how employee experience leaders are innovating with comms and technology 
  • Key takeaways: the winning formula for an engaged workforce 

Who should read this report? 

This research report is for anyone who wants to create an engaging company culture. You will learn what holds businesses back and how to tackle common challenges. Whether you're an intranet manager, an internal communicator, HR leader or IT stakeholder, this report is packed with statistics you can use to benchmark your organization, understand your employees' needs and priorities, and strengthen your case for employee experience initiatives internally. 

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