Engage employees with built-in feedback forms.

Expand communication, employee feedback channels, and company-wide relations with employee feedback software. Understand your employee's perspectives and gain the insights needed to create effective change, with transparent feedback. Pinpoint where improvements can be made and proactively show your employees that you recognize their concerns. Encourage everyone to contribute to the conversation with two-way internal communication software.


  • "Our intranet has a high degree of engagement and readership - we're really seeing our community come alive."

    Lui Mancinelli - SVP Marketing, Communications and PR at Stantec
  • The Estée Lauder Companies

    "We needed the design to be super elegant and the UX had to be really strong. It needed to be multi-sensory so users want to reach out and touch it, then talk about it and use the social features to take that message, and what they've learned, and share it with other employees."

    Kerry O'Donnell - Executive Director, Information Technology at The Estée Lauder Companies
  • "Unily has great search capabilities, contemporary design, is viewable on any device and soon will allow us to reach employees in our distribution centers, labs, and transport networks for the first time. It’s a real game changer for us."

    Kerry Christopher - VP Internal Communications at Cardinal Health


Every piece of employee feedback, centralized in one location. Obtain a quick summary of how well feedback forms and quizzes have been received, and understand how they can be improved. Involve employees in the decision-making with live polls, gain insight into what the entire company thinks about a particular topic in real-time, and give feedback to employees regarding decisions that directly affect them.


Streamline the form creation process with an immensely powerful form builder. Easily harness a dynamic, user-friendly content management system with drag-and-drop form creation. Create and edit feedback forms and quizzes that ask the questions you need answering. Reduce unnecessary questions and skip repetitive data collection by pre-populating forms with key employee data, already recorded on the platform.


Form a basis for developer experience with the ability to create conditional “if statements” along with custom code and validations. Build question chains, ensuring they can be answered by the people who need to see them. Create quizzes with pass-and-fail mechanisms and provide question-specific feedback that makes it easy for employees to learn and improve. Encourage quick sign-ups for event registration with gamification mechanisms - choose or cap the number of submissions, and automatically close the form once the cap is met.


Interact with form elements to drag and drop unique and standard question types (e.g. dropdown, pick a date, pick geolocation, and more) into your forms. Minimize comms team overload by building flexible forms with built-in approval workflows. Leverage features like the ability to add an electronic signature component for desktop and mobile users to transform forms into efficient, dependable business processes.


Receive up-to-date information about who has seen a distributed form, quiz, or pulse survey, the number of responses to it, and the conversion rate. Keep your finger on the pulse and sentiment of your organization, in real time. Utilize pulse survey templates from the features store and send out customized “temperature” checks for employees to provide feedback. Quickly export relevant raw data to Microsoft Excel for deep analysis and measure employee engagement with intranet analytics.



Gain honest employee feedback on company decisions with genuinely anonymous intranet feedback forms. Collect questions for company town hall meetings without detailing who submitted what. Connect with your team and obtain their valuable feedback on business decisions, no matter where they are. Engage employees anywhere in the world with multilingual forms and quizzes that automatically translate into the language of their choice.

Employee Feedback FAQs

How do you get feedback from employees?

How to get feedback from employees begins with asking the right questions. To ensure the right questions can even be asked, employee feedback software needs to offer the right level of question customization. This may take the form of multiple-choice questions, long-form feedback, quick polls, ratings, or more. It all depends on the data you need feedback on and how you want it to be presented.

But, keep in mind that the data format doesn’t matter if your employees don’t fill in the forms you send. Luckily, some intranet feedback forms, like Unily’s, target employees who have not yet filled in their questionnaires with personalized notifications to gently nudge them into giving their feedback.

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How do you measure employee feedback?

Employee feedback can be measured in several ways, such as with online employee review software. This will allow you to launch annual engagement surveys, online feedback forms, company-wide polls, or pulse surveys (for a quick understanding of company-wide sentiment).

Real-time analytics and built-in Microsoft Excel exporting capabilities - within the employee feedback software platform - mean companies can analyze this feedback over time, identify trends in sentiment, and plan their next steps.

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Are feedback forms effective?

Feedback forms are effective because increasing the number of feedback channels for employees leads to better employee engagement. They also help you to shape your company culture and understand exactly where you can improve as a business. With these forms, employers stay up to date with the needs of their organization while showing employees they care about their opinions, ideas, and grievances.

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How do I create a feedback form for my employees?

Online employee review software is one of the most useful tools you can utilize if you intend to create custom feedback forms for your employees. Employee feedback forms should allow you to customize the elements you want to include. For example, Unily has a drag-and-drop function that lets you choose, edit, and remove question types within your forms. Try the free demo to learn how Unily can help enhance employee engagement.

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