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As a global enterprise, you need an employee intranet platform that will cater to your diverse workforce. Your teams are likely to be scattered across multiple locations, speaking different languages, working on the frontline, hybrid or remote, and accessing company messaging through a variety of devices. Staying cohesive and collaborative has never been more of a challenge.

Cloud-based employee experience platforms, like Unily, provide large organizations with the opportunity to get one step ahead of their competitors. A ready-made intranet is quick and easy to deploy so you can start benefiting from your investment straight away. It’ll have all the features your employees need to support them in their roles, thus improving both staff morale and levels of productivity. Discover the power of Unily and join the next generation of software-as-a-service intranet platforms.



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supercharge internal communication

Communicating is vital to any global organization. With more employees working remotely on a part-time or full-time basis or spread across different locations; it’s becoming harder for the right information to reach the right people. With Unily’s out-of-the-box intranet package, you can take advantage of ai-powered video captioning and multilingual translations, an award-winning employee app, consumer-grade campaign automation, and so much more! Employees no longer need to sift through vast amounts of information irrelevant to their working lives, making them feel more connected and involved. Your organization deserves an employee intranet platform that drives employee engagement, inclusivity, and productivity.

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Easy to use social features

Unily’s platforms break down the barriers to communication and collaboration using intuitive social platforms. Employees can easily search for relevant colleagues across the organization, using the online company directory to search across locations, departments, skills badges, and more. Unily will provide your employees with an intranet social platform where they can get involved in discussions open to your entire workforce, or create more tailored opt-in channels. No matter where in the world they’re located, your employees will remain connected to the rest of your workforce and be able to make valuable contributions.



Employee intranet success relies on more than technology. With Unily, your guaranteed support from day 1 to day 100. Work with Onboarding, Customer Success and Support teams to devise a strategy that brings your unique vision to life. Find inspiration and talk directly to our community of superusers on Universe, our exclusive customer portal, or attend our yearly Unite conference to experience a digital workplace event like no other.


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How much value could your enterprise realize by rolling out Unily? Download the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ of Unily study to see how one organization drove 385% ROI over three years.

Embrace Accessibility

Unily’s employee intranet platforms are accessible to all employees, from headquarters to home, ensuring they remain connected to your business. Unlock the full benefits of accessibility-first UI features like easy-to-read fonts, keyboard navigation and compatibility with popular screen readers as standard, so no one is left out. Unily provides an award-winning user experience, meaning access can be tailored to employees needs. If some of your employees don’t have an Office 365 account, they can still access your intranet without you having to pay for the license. With our single-pane-of-glass UX you can have the whole organization in the palm of your hand.

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Centralize all your resources

Employees waste a lot of time searching for poorly organized documents and we all know, in the world of business, time is money. Unily solves this issue by centralizing file storage. With intuitive search functionality and integrations with existing software, Unily makes it easy for knowledge and information to be found and shared, preventing silos and boosting productivity. We understand that information security is paramount. Whilst the ability to share data is great, we’ll make sure it’s only accessed by the right people, with safeguarding and permission restrictions in place to keep your confidential information, just that.

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