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To stay ahead of the curve, organizations are increasingly opting for software-as-a-service platforms that are ready made, hosted in the cloud and provide tailored, high-quality features that their users now expect.

Unily provides award-winning intranet software that can transform how your employees collaborate and communicate digitally. Become a part of the new generation and invest in an intranet-as-a-service platform fit for today’s digital landscape.


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  • AIG
  • Cardinal Health
  • ELC
  • Shell
  • Baker Hughes
  • L'Oreal
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Canon
  • BD
  • EY
  • Comcast
  • CVS
  • J&J
  • Wacker
  • Best Buy
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  • AMEX

Your intranet accessible wherever you are

Today’s workforce is much more mobile, working in a variety of different spaces using many different devices. Users expect to be able to connect with their colleagues easily while out and about.

Unily’s intranet platforms facilitate communication, collaboration and innovation across the organization, wherever your employees are. Whether they are sat at a desktop, using a tablet or on their smartphone, they will always be connected. Your staff can have the whole organization in the palm of their hand.

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A platform that gives you the best of both worlds

Our Intranet SaaS product is “out of the box” which means that it’s really fast to deploy. It can be up and ready in around six weeks or less, saving your organization the headache of deploying a platform from scratch. Your team can focus more on delivering your business objectives than fussing around with complex coding, long periods of discovery and implementation.

If you’re concerned that a SaaS platform won’t be unique enough to suit your business needs, you needn’t worry. The architecture is extremely flexible, so you can have bespoke features and extend the platform easily if required. You no longer need to choose between a time-consuming intranet platform that’s tailored to your needs or a quick to install intranet that is too generic. With Unily you can have the best of both.

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Intranet success relies on more than technology. With Unily, your guaranteed support from day 1 to day 100. Work with Onboarding, Customer Success and Support teams to devise a strategy that brings your unique vision to life. Find inspiration and talk directly to our community of superusers on Universe, our exclusive customer portal, or attend our yearly Unite conference to experience a digital workplace event like no other.


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See Unily in action

Watch a demo of the platform that powers employee experience for leading enterprises.

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Increased security of data

All the data held in the cloud will be outsourced to Microsoft Azure - an extremely secure means of storing data. Sharing data storage is a much more cost-effective way of storing data than attempting to host it safely yourself. As a consequence, your business spends less time and resources hosting data and more on other areas of your organization.

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A scalable platform that molds to your organization

Unily’s annual subscription service is based on your number of users, so there are no unnecessary features added and you can easily scale up or down if your business needs change.

The platform has a flexible Azure infrastructure that also integrates easily with a lot of other software. This limits the change your organization must go through as much of the software they continue to use will be exactly the same and kept all in one place, as a fully integrated digital platform. Unique customizations beyond just integrating solutions can also be made.

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Watch a demo of the platform that powers employee experience for leading enterprises.

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