Top 5 Unily internal comms features to elevate employee engagement

With the noise of the modern world reaching a fever pitch, attention is illusive and maintaining it is a dying art. In the modern workplace, captivating our people’s attention enough so they become engaged is a must for any successful business. But how can you propel engagement to the next level? We take you through the top 5 Unily features to do just that.

5 Unily internal comms features to elevate employee engagement

When employee engagement is elevated, customer experiences are improved, innovation is fostered, and the organizational growth cycle is nourished for sustainable success.

#1. Tailor-made communications

All purveyors of engagement know quality content is key, but even the best content won’t effectively engage your people if it is simply aired to the masses with a one-size-fits-all approach.

To harness your people’s attention, communications must be relevant to them, and the value must be made clear to the reader at a glance. When combined with a detailed set of personas, Unily’s audience segmentation and targeting ensures your content lands with impact where it matters most.

Targeted news

Highly relevant, personalized comms will cut through the noise to provide maximum engagement and make your audience feel like you truly know them. Tailor emails, articles, news, notifications, and much more, so your users can get to the core of what they care about.

It’s also important to give your people a sense of control over the communications they receive. When your users can customize the topics and comms they see to suit their preferences, they feel like they have a hand in designing an employee experience platform that feels personal to them.


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#2. Social connection

Social is another great way to elevate engagement to new heights. A reliable network of in-depth user profiles can orientate employees around a complex business, fostering familiarity and breaking-down barriers across teams.

Public and private social channels with mention, comment, hashtag, follow, and reaction capability allow geographically separated employees to come together around shared interests, breaking down longstanding-barriers to knowledge sharing and community building.

Unily’s social features nurture a culture of inclusion in team or company-wide activities, and the ability to enhance social posts with rich media or native video can breathe life into conversations so there is never a dull moment.

Providing a forum where employees can make their voices heard and collaborate with their co-workers through consumer-grade social channels, will give your engagement strategy the edge.

Social feed

Social integrations with the outside world go even further so your employees can spark external conversations and choose to advocate around the things they care about.

Moderation tools are also vital to keep the enterprise social environment running smoothly. Democratize social moderation with social reporting features that let your employees flag inaccurate or inappropriate posts, keeping your social platform a safe and informative space for knowledge sharing.

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#3. Multi-channel, automated comms scheduling

By building and tracking complex multi-channel campaigns with consumer-grade automation, you can meet your people wherever they are and cultivate increased engagement.

Unily’s comprehensive comms planning feature provides a birds-eye view of everything coming-up so you can better strategize and structure your content. Meaningful engagement can be built over time by scheduling interactions across channels, and intelligent workflows deal with complexity in the background to provide your people with a seamlessly engaging experience.

Design content goals and map your content across various channels from a central hub. Schedule a sequence of events with inbuilt automation, make Unily do the legwork. In depth analysis of your comms will ensure you can fine-tune your approach over time, so your content lands with a splash. Uniting your channels to amplify your reach will ensure your message travels the distance.

Engagement automation

#4. Rewards and recognition

Celebrating hard work and achievements is vital to any engagement strategy. With customized badges and peer recognition, your employees can feel like they’re making a measurable difference.

Leaderboards offer a fun way of gamifying employee recognition; add a little publicity to achievements, and who doesn’t love a little competition? Incentivizing performance is well-known to offer benefits for both engagement and productivity, and the ability to recognize peers democratizes recognition to add transparent integrity to the process.

Mobile kudos

Branded badges tied to enterprise values add an opportunity to embed collective purpose across your workplace so your people feel that the impact they’re making directly aligns to the company’s direction. Spotlighting employees by celebrating key milestones, upskilling, or other significant contributions set a tone of excellence and engage your people in a company-wide camaraderie.

Kudos points can further gamify the process. By letting your people select their own champions from around the business, you can shine a light on top performers, and inspire others to go the extra mile.

Supporting your people’s growth in any enterprise is vital for high engagement over time, at all stages of their lifecycle with the business. A well-oiled rewards and recognition program, integrated with your employee experience platform can foster development across any organization.

#5. A world-class employee app 

Reaching all workers without leaving those who are deskless behind is key to optimal enterprise engagement. Untethered workers must be provided with the same experience as the rest of the business if an employee experience platform can call itself a truly digital headquarters.

An employee app that streamlines content into a simplified, handheld view can ensure your people don’t get lost in a sea of irrelevant noise. Unily’s award-winning mobile app allows you to communicate with everyone, offer deeply personalized experiences, with an intelligent search, and integrate the most important applications.

Leadership updates

Through a trusted, reliable mobile app you can put the power of the full digital workplace into the hands of every employee, fuelling enhanced engagement. Native push notifications can maximize readership and offer a more convenient way to enjoy content on the move.

The next generation of workers expect a mobile experience that accurately reflects their desktop employee experience platform. This is the new standard for maximum flexibility and engagement.


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The potential is boundless, these are just some of the ways you could elevate engagement

An employee experience platform that is thoughtfully designed and built with your people in mind could unlock new layers of sustainable engagement.

Whilst a huge challenge, maximizing engagement offers vast opportunities for success across the business – from productivity to employee retention to fuelling a culture to be proud of. The importance of elevating employee engagement should be at the top of every C-suite’s list of priorities.

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