Unlock employee engagement with an employee superapp

Have you ever wondered why there's an app for everything and yet when it comes to work, mobile experiences remain an afterthought? In this webinar, we’ll be looking at why mobile is a critical battleground for digital employee experience transformation and how employee superapps are set to transform the way we engage and enable workforces in the future.

Superapps: the future of employee engagement

Despite the fact that the average American checks their phone 262 times a day and 88% of that time is spent in apps, few enterprises can claim to have nailed the employee engagement app offering. Although strides have been made to close the gap between consumer-grade and enterprise digital experiences, a yet-to-be-tackled frontier is the enterprise mobile app experience. So, in this webinar, we’ll be exploring the elusive possibility of an employee superapp: one, beautifully designed application that connects employees with everything they need to be successful at work on the device they use most.

If mobile is where employees are – and the data would tell you it is – then it’s time to start focusing on how we can leverage a mobile advantage to drive up engagement and build a better future of work. The sooner we close the gap between the frictionless and enabling experiences we offer our customers and the restrictive, second-rate digital experiences we offer our employees, the sooner we can start reaping the benefits of a highly engaged and enabled workforce. 

Join us to discover what the best employee apps of today look like and how they will evolve to become powerful superapps at the beating heart of every enterprise’s digital ecosystem.

Watch this webinar to find out:

  • Why employee apps are the future of employee engagement
  • What the best employee apps of today look like
  • The evolution of employee superapps
  • Tactics for kick-starting your mobile-first digital workplace strategy

Who should watch?

This webinar is for inquisitive comms, IT and HR people interested in finding out how an employee app can pave the way for a revolutionized approach to employee engagement. If you’re looking to future-proof your employee engagement strategy and get ahead of the trends shaping the future of work, this webinar is for you.

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