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Since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT at the tail end of 2022, the AI revolution has become an unescapable phenomenon. Unily’s latest feature puts the power of generative AI into the hands of enterprise communicators to solve long-standing challenges and take employee engagement to new heights.

Unily AI publishing assistant

Chat-GPT style generative AI arrives for internal comms 

There’s no denying, we’re in the midst of an AI craze. Since Open AI released its blockbuster bot, ChatGPT, in November 2022, you can’t scroll a feed without seeing an article about AI.

Now we can see for ourselves the boundless power of AI, it’s got us thinking about how it will change our lives and our workplaces for better and worse.

ChatGPT is just the start of a new dawn of accelerated technical innovation. This viral piece of kit has attracted 100 million users in its first two months, according to Business Insider. And it’s no surprise the ability to turn ideas into essays, images, and code in seconds has set imaginations alight.

The power of AI to transform the way we do things is clear as day. The question is, how can we leverage it in a positive way to enhance employee experience?

Initial fears of job displacement are slowly being replaced with a companion mindset that recognizes we must work with AI, not against it. And when we do, the unthinkable becomes possible.

But the question remains, how can we unleash the formidable powers of generative AI to enhance internal communications and level up engagement across disconnected enterprises? Let us introduce you to Unily’s AI Publishing Assistant.

Announcing Unily’s AI Publishing Assistant

Unily’s AI Publishing Assistant brings the best of Chat GPT into the world of internal communications. With the ability to conjure rich stories that emulate brand voice in seconds, internal communicators now have the extra firepower needed to take their strategy up a gear.

It’s not just about creating stories from scratch; it’s about optimizing content for optimal engagement. Nothing can replace the steady hand of a seasoned communicator, but what if you had a companion that could help you be at the top of your game, every time?

Unily’s AI publishing assistant is that companion. Stuck with writer’s block? Let the assistant take a first stab for you. Completed an article, but think it’s missing something? Let the assistant suggest optimizations to take your copy to the next level. Fed up with ghostwriting articles for leaders and SMEs? Arm them with their own AI publishing assistant to bring their ideas to life.

Unily’s AI publishing assistant is the internal comms companion here to help you work smarter, not harder.

For seasoned internal communicators, the AI assistant can serve as an antidote to writer’s block or an optimization engine to suggest creative ways to enhance your content. But with an AI-powered publishing assistant, now everyone in your business is empowered to become a communicator. Think of all the subject matter experts that you could armed with the power to contribute engaging content.

With refinement options for formality and one, you can imbue your assistant with a brand voice that resonates. The AI assistant will be there whether you’re creating a story, page, event or announcement to tip you off any time you need a helping hand.

It’s time to celebrate the arrival of AI for internal comms and watch your content multiply to power culture and knowledge sharing across the business. In the era of disconnection, an AI publishing assistant could be the answer to threading seamless communications back into the fabric of your organization.

5 ways AI-powered publishing will revolutionize enterprise comms 

#1. Craft content that truly resonates

Emotional tone of voice and formality of content can have a significant impact on how well it lands with your readers. With Unily’s AI Publishing Assistant, you can match the tone of voice and formality to the specific context or purpose. Try out different tones and registers and use smart editors to lengthen, shorten, summarize, simplify, and improve content. Trust in your AI assistant to suggest the best way to optimize your content for maximum engagement, so you can focus on getting the next big story out.

#2. Snappy descriptions and headlines to command attention

Attention-grabbing headlines sow the seeds for strong engagement. But coming up with snappy titles that fit your brand voice isn’t always easy. With Unily’s AI Publishing Assistant, you can rely on your comms companion to reel off catchy titles and descriptions until you find one that works. Banish writer’s block and ensure every piece of content gets a click-worthy headline that will maximize reach. When every piece of content has a marketing-grade headline, the overall communications experience is lifted with a consistent editorial finesse usually reserved for external media.

AI Assistant

#3. Refresh site content in a flash

Warren Buffet famously said, “It takes years to build a reputation and seconds to ruin it”. The same is true with your content being refreshed, reliable, and accurate. Outdated or poorly managed site content corrodes your people’s trust in what you’re saying and the authority of the brand voice over time. We don’t need to tell you what this will do for engagement levels…

With Unily’s AI Publishing Assistant, you can quickly spin up fresh site content in seconds, rejuvenating your platform with vibrant and current messaging that won’t take forever and a day. This keeps your communicators and your people happy, with an intranet experience that’s never past the sell-by date.

#4. Empower SMEs to share knowledge

With Unily’s AI Publishing assistant, everyone in your organization has the power to become a communicator. Your business is full of talented and knowledgeable people, but not everyone knows how to communicate in a way that resonates and captures attention. But with an AI-powered comms companion, your people can take lengthy prose or bulleted notes and convert them into engaging articles in minutes. Instead of spending time proofing, editing, or ghostwriting copy for those that lack confidence in their comms abilities, you can empower your people with their very own assistant to turn thoughts, ideas, and experiences into captivating copy.

#5. Time, money, resource: save it all

Generative content creation using our AI Publishing Assistant vastly reduces the time and effort required to craft, curate, and scale engaging communications content. Automatically generate newsletter messaging or captivating content for emails and news stories – so you can focus more on strategic and innovative tasks. With the power to add capacity to overburdened teams by reducing recurrent work and freeing up time, using our AI Publishing Assistant will help communicators work smarter and drive value – by doing more with less.

Unlocking the next level of engagement

Crafting content with Unily’s AI Publishing Assistant boosts consistency in your enterprise messaging, generating a standardized format and tone that imbues your platform with editorial finesse. When used in tandem with other AI-enhanced features like AI-powered recommendations, translations, and media processing, enterprise communications experience the step change employees have been waiting for.

Driving cohesion and harmony across your content, this new AI-powered publishing approach will enhance the employee experience with engaging and well-crafted content as an expected standard. Compelling messaging with higher quality will become the norm across the entire platform as everyone is given the power to become a formidable communicator.

Unily is proud to be spearheading the fusion of employee engagement and artificial intelligence to unite global workforces. That’s why we’re coalescing our innovation around this future-focused tech and the awesome value it can deliver for enterprises.

Empowering internal communicators for a brighter tomorrow 

It’s time for internal communicators to embrace the power of AI-assisted publishing to unleash their full potential. With Unily’s AI Publishing Assistant at hand, enterprise communicators can offload manually intensive, low-value work, and devote more time to uncovering human stories and developing innovative strategies for uplifting employee engagement.

In the unfolding digital age of work, the power of AI stands to elevate employee engagement and solve disconnect for good. Early adopters will be primed to rise to future challenges with dynamism in a world where speed, consistency, and agility are in hot demand.

To find out more about how Unily is helping the world’s largest enterprises transform employee engagement with the power of AI get started today with a free demo of our award-winning platform, or read more about our AI-powered intranet capabilities.

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Aislinn Logan - Product Marketing Manager

Aislinn Logan

Product Marketing Manager

As part of the Product Marketing team, Aislinn helps drive understanding of our product for Unily’s customers, people, and market. Learn More

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