5 Unily internal comms features you should be using now

How do you reach every employee with personalized communications that inspire engagement? In this webinar, we showcase the top 5 Unily features to do just that. Follow in the footsteps of employee experience trailblazers and see how these game-changing features could help you to level up employee engagement.

Cut through the noise with powerful internal comms features 

With employee engagement levels dwindling, internal comms teams are looking for new ways to inspire employees with content that makes them feel a part of something bigger.  

Employees want personalized communications that reach them on the channels they prefer, in the format they resonate with. To meet growing demands for more consumer-grade internal comms, comms teams are looking to the latest tech innovations to make their strategy sing. 

In this webinar, we guide you through Unily’s most powerful internal comms features and show you how to use them to increase engagement across the organization. With real-world examples of how some of the world’s largest enterprises use Unily features to drive internal comms transformation, you’ll leave this session with new ideas for taking your internal comms strategy up a gear. 

On the agenda:  

This webinar focuses on five core internal communications features within Unily and how you can best use them to maximize engagement. Here’s the rundown: 

  • Tailor-made communications: at a glance relevancy for every employee with a personalized, targeted touch to ensure it lands with impact where it matters most
  • Social connection: weave a reliable network of in-depth user profiles to orientate employees around a complex business and eliminate barriers
  • Multi-channel, automated comms scheduling: cultivate comprehensive comms planning so you can better strategize and structure content
  • Rewards and recognition: celebrate achievements with customized badges and gamification to make a measurable difference
  • A world-class employee app: streamline all content into a simplified, handheld view so your people never get lost on the go

Meet your speakers:  

Matthew Boyd – Head of Product Voice

With more than a decade's experience in marketing and consulting on intranets and the digital workplace, Matthew is passionate about innovative technology that transforms the digital employee experience. As Unily's Head of Product Voice, he shares insights into how organizations can elevate their thinking on employee engagement and focus on meaningful technology that powers better work for their people. 

Aislinn Logan – Product Marketing Manager, Product Voice

Bringing a cross-industry experience spanning eight years, Aislinn drives understanding of our product for Unily’s customers, people, and market. She is responsible for product marketing campaigns for key new features, versions of the platform, and strategic initiatives. Her work helps empower teams to achieve optimal value with practical resources and multimedia content. She also maximizes product presence across key touchpoints in the market by nurturing important relationships.

Who is this webinar for? 

This webinar is for internal communications professionals and Unily customers who want to drive higher engagement and more successful business outcomes. We want you to be fully equipped to use the entire Unily toolset and gain fluency in our feature-set so you can unlock the full power of the platform. These five features are a great place to start.

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